Server Transfer

Explore a new world! This service allows you to transfer your character to another server. Please read the FAQ carefully before applying.

Server Transfer is currently not active. Check back later.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

QHow will this impact my Collections?
QWhere can I transfer my character to?
QWhat will happen to my character's name?
QHow long does a server transfer take?
QHow do I check the status of my transfer?
QHow many characters can I transfer?
QAre there any additional transfer restrictions to be aware of?
QCan I transfer my character to a Lineage II Classic server?


QHow can I purchase a Server Transfer?
QCan I transfer more than 1 character?
QI don't like the server I transferred to. Can I receive a refund?

Items & Character

QWhat will happen to my NCoin when I transfer my character?
QWhat will be transferred with my character?
QWhat will not be transferred with my character?


QI purchased a Server Transfer and my character is still on the original server!