Event Duration: June 29 – July 20

The Zaken Raid event is coming to Lineage II: Aden! Get ready to join with friends and pay a visit to Devi’s Isle in search of challenge and treasure alike.

Entering the Raid

To enter the raid, pay a visit to NPC Mahki in any of the towns and speak with them. Additionally, you may teleport to Devi’s Isle using the teleport UI. Once on Devi’s Isle, speak to NPC Varon to enter the Zaken’s Raid. However, do note that you will only be able to enter the raid once per day!

Entry Requirements:

  • Level: 76 or higher.
  • Group: Minimum of 20 players to a maximum of 200 (4 or more parties).
  • Limit: Only 1 entry per day per character (resets daily at 6:30 server time).
  • Re-Entry is allowed for players who died during the raid.

Defeating Zaken

Players who enter the raid and are able to defeat Zaken can be rewarded with any of the following items:


Zaken's Earrings

Zaken's Blood Sword

Zaken Doll Lv. 2

Scroll: Enchant Rare Accessory

Blessed Scroll: Enchant Rare Accessory

Spellbooks Vitality Balance, Gigantic Weapon, Ogre Spirit Totem, Rabbit Spirit Totem, Puma Spirit Totem, Flame Blast, Additional Hit, Balanced Body, Nocturn of Eva, Nemesis, , Ultimate Defense Lv. 3, Shield of Safety, Lunatic Crusher, Keeping of Eva, Curse Of Shilen, Dark Blow, Burning Field, Freezing Area, Lightning Storm, Consume, Elemental Burst, Arterial Strike, White Guardian, Hell Fire, Song of Earth, Hunter's Song, Dance of the Warrior, Dance of Fire, Gigantic Swing, Gigantic Crush, Burning Strike, Armor Breaker, Blood Link, Debuff Master, Song of Wind, Dance of Fury, Piercing Thrust, Elemental Transition, Elemental Spirit Lv. 4, Fortune Time, Mechanic Masterpiece, Forge Attack, Sensation, Refine, Imprison, Stamina, Toughness, Seclusion, Reverse Pull, Synchro Freedom, Phantom Blood, Holy Ray, Scroll of Purity, Scroll of Darkness

Pet Textbooks Block Swapping, Gigantic Bite, Feather Explosion, Last Savage Claw, Magnetic Body, Back Explosion, Iron Skin

A-grade Weapons

A-grade Armors

Cloth Piece


After Zaken is defeated, the NPC Veyron will spawn, and players can get a special buff by talking to him

Buff Name


Prophecy of Zaken

for 300 minutes, PVE damage +5%, Max HP +500, Max MP +500, Defense +300, Magic Defense +300, Potion Additional Recovery +20, Sayha's Grace Consumption -10%


Additionally, during the event period, players who succeed in defeating Zaken can claim extra rewards through the Event Mission UI.

Mission Name

Mission Details



Zaken Subjugation

Defeat Zaken

Shiny Jewelry Box (1ea.)

Red Arc (Time-limited) (1ea.)

Level 76 or Higher (once per character)


Good luck in taking down Zaken!