A Vanguard Update Approaches!

This update will bring with it sweeping changes to the Aden Server, as well as a meaningful batch of updates to both the Lineage II and Lineage II: Classic servers. The Lineage II update is entitled Storm of Terror and we’ll be introducing those changes as well. While all these updates arrive on the horizon on March 9, we wanted to provide a preview of what you can expect to find when they officially launch!

Aden | Lineage II | Classic

Aden Server

New Class: Vanguard

The Vanguard is a spear-wielding Warrior-type class, which mounts upon his beast to charge into battle. This class is restricted specifically to males of the Orc race and wears Heavy Armor.

New Hunting Zones and Dungeons

A suite of new locations will be arriving where you can further pioneer your progression. Look forward to visiting:

  • Ice Lord’s Castle (World Zone)
  • Training Dungeon
  • Elmoreden’s Tower (World Zone)
  • Phantasm Dungeon
  • Hot Springs
  • Gourd Canyon
  • Silenoi Fortress
  • Morgos’s Command Base

New Class Change System

A new system for Class change is being added with this update. For 50M Adena, you can change your class and keep your current level without losing progress up to three times per month. As a part of this, the Vanguard class can be experienced instantly without the need to re-roll a new character!

Additional Changes:

This update will also feature class balances and skill updates for:

  • Archer Classes
  • Wizard Classes
  • Summoner Classes
  • Death Knight

A new World Trading Post will also be added, allowing players to register items cross-server that can be purchased with L2 Coin!

Finally, a special Vanguard Support Kit will be offered for a limited time for free as a part of this update, as well as a special Vanguard Ring.  The kit will be available from March 9 – April 6 at 11:30 Server Time, while the Ring will be available until May 4 at 11:30 Server Time.

Vanguard Ring Stats

  • Atk./M.Atk. +100
  • /Cast. Speed+100
  • Soul/Spiritshot DMG +10%

Vanguard Support Kit Contents

Item Name

Item Description

Vanguard Starter Kit

Double-click to obtain a large bundle of consumables and 30-day equipment items.

Valakas' Necklace

<Options> P. Atk. +5% M. Atk. +5% P. Skill Power +5% M. Skill Power +5% Skill Cooldown -4% Max MP +30 Paralysis Attack and Resistance +10% Damage Reflect Resistance +5% Cannot be enchanted.

+3 Dragon's Belt Box

Double-click to obtain a +3 Dragon's Belt

Dragon Valley Earring Enchant Pack x20

Double-click to obtain a Dragon Valley Earring and 5 Enchant Scrolls

Ring of Insolence Enchant Pack x20

Double-click to obtain a Ring of Insolence and 5 Enchant Scrolls

Aden Talisman Enchant Package x20

Double-click to obtain an Aden Talisman and 10 Enchant Scrolls

Rune of Vitality Pack (7-day) x2

Double-click to obtain the items in the description. Maintains Sayha's Grace for 7 days.

Coral Lv. 5

<Options> Atk. Spd. +10% Casting Spd. +10% If identical Gems are equipped, only the effect of the highest level Gem is applied.

Einhasad Pendant Lv. 2

<Einhasad’s Pendant> M. Def. +20 XP/SP Gain +20% Damage Received -10% Atk. Spd. +3% Casting Spd. +3% Can compound 2 Einhasad’s Pendants of the same level.

+3 Talisman of Power Box

Double-click to obtain a +3 Talisman of Power.

Elixir Powder x30

Powder that has the power of eternal youth and immortality Crafting ingredient for Elixir.

Red Arc 400-unit Pack x2

Double-click to obtain the 400 Red Arcs. Must be Lv. 85+ to use.

Elmoreden's Tower Time Recharge Stone x6

Extends use time of timed hunting zone for 60 min. <Applied Hunting Zone> Elmoreden's Tower - World Hunting Zone <Note> Will be deleted after the event is over (announced separately)

Transcendent Dungeon Extra Pass x3

Double-click to get an extra pass to a Transcendent Dungeon. <Note> Can be used once a day outside of instance zones. Can only be used when the instance zone is on cooldown.

Training Dungeon Extra Pass x3

Double-click to get an extra pass to Training Dungeon. <Note> Can be used once a day outside of instance zones. Can only be used when the Training Dungeon is on cooldown.

Infinite Mithril Quiver

A quiver of arrows coated by mithril. For A-grade bows.

Elemental Orb (A-Grade)

Orb containing the power of spirits <Needed to use A-Grade Shooter>

Dye Powder (Imprint) x10

Ingredient used to enchant Potential. Cannot be used to enchant dyes.

Antharas Doll (Event)

<Antharas Doll's Spell Lv. 1> CON +1 MEN +1 All Damage Received -2% Knock Back Resistance +5% Stun Resistance +5% Pull Resistance +5% Soulshot Damage Resistance +2% Spiritshot Damage Resistance +2% Boosts abilities with the Antharas Doll's Spell when stored in the inventory. Cannot be upgraded by compounding.

Enchant Scroll: Special Dragon's Belt (Time-limited) x2

Scroll to enchant Blessed Dragon's Belt and Dragon's Belt. <Cannot be used on items enchanted +9 or higher> <Current enchant level remains if it fails>

Vanguard Starter Kit Contents  


+7 B-Grade Weapon Exchange Ticket

+4 C-Grade Armor Exchange Ticket

+5 Heroic Circlet (30-Day)

+5 Talisman of Power (30-Day)

+5 Eva's Talisman (30-Day)

Sayha's Storm x1,080

Boost Attack Scroll x1,080

Boost Defense Scroll x1,080

Soulshot Exchange Ticket x1,000

Spirit Ore x50,000

HP Potion x5,000

Growth Support Rune (30-Day)

[Rune Effect]


Soul/Spiritshot DMG +10%

Atk. Spd./Casting Speed+50


Magic Lamp Charge 10%

The following items will be deleted on April 6 at 11:30 Server Time:

The Vanguard Support Kit will no longer be available after April 6, and the following items will be removed at that time:

  • Vanguard Starter Kit
  • Enchant Scroll: Special Dragon's Belt (Time-limited)

The following item will be deleted on May 4 at 11:30 Server Time

Additionally, the following item will be automatically removed from players' inventories on May 4:

  • Vanguard Ring

Look forward to more details as we get closer to the update’s release!!

Lineage II Server (Storm of Terror Update)

This update will bring no shortage of changes and new content to the Live Server as well. A short list of the most prominent updates includes:

Revamped Hunting Zones and Dungeons

  • Fafurion Temple
  • Dragon Valley
  • Hot Springs
  • Antharas’ Nest
  • Beast Farm
  • Valley of Saints
  • Otherworldly Atelia Refinery
  • Tower of Insolence (World Zone)

New Items

New key items will be brought to the game including the Fallen Angel’s Earring and Tersi’s Soul Crystal for enhancing R-grade armor.

Class Balancing and Skill Updates

Expect a few changes to class skills as a part of this update including:

  • Consolidation of Enchanter Buffs (Melody, Sonata, and Resistance)
  • Enhancement of several Death Knight Sigel skills
  • Expansion of Class Skills across all classes

Classic Server

Classic will also see a series of changes as a part of this update. Among the most notable are:

Victory System

A new system which uses Victory Coins for special collection effects. Players complete daily hunting missions to earn Victory Coins or can purchase them daily for Adena in the L2 Coin Shop.

Enchant System and Challenge Point System

  • Success Rate of enchants will now be displayed in the UI
  • Multi-Enchant functions added for up to 15 items at a time
  • Players receive special Challenge Points when unsuccessfully enchanting a talisman or special equipment resulting in the destruction of an item
  • Challenge Points can be used to improve success rates or keep the enchant level when enchanting talismans and special equipment

We hope that you are as excited to play in this update as we are to release it! We’ll be sharing more details in the coming weeks, so look forward to more news before the official launch!