Adventurers, brace yourselves for a thrilling new daily timed hunting zone. Hunt down and conquer elusive treasure chests for abundant experience points. Plus, keep an eye out for Mysterious Treasure Chests dropped by monsters, promising fantastic rewards. Prepare to embark on an epic journey into the heart of Aden's secrets and become a legend in Lineage II!

Event Duration: September 12 – September 26
Event Exchange Duration: 
September 12 – September 26
Item Deletion 1: 
September 26
Item Deletion 2: 
October 3

How to Participate

1. An event-only Timed-Hunting Zone will be available during the event period. Players level 105 or higher can join the new zone once a day through the Timed Hunting Zone UI.

Event Zone Details

Hunting Zone Treasure Chest's Secret
Entries 1/daily per Character (Refresh 06:30AM)
Level Requirement Lv. 105 or higher
Entry Conditions
  • Settings: PVP available.
  • 300,000 Adena Fee
Zone Limit
  • 60 minutes

2. When moving to the zone through the UI, players will be teleported to Aden's Castle, and will need to talk to the Event NPC Herphah to select their desired hunting zone difficulty. Depending on the player selection, the character will be teleported to each of the possible hunting zone areas of the event.

  • Lv. 106 - Silent Valley
  • Lv. 112 - Isle of Prayer
  • Lv. 118 - The Cemetery
  • Lv. 122 - Frozen Labyrinth
  • Lv. 126 - Shadow of the Mother Tree

3. Once teleported, defeat the Mimic Chests that appear in each of the zones. The Chest provides a great deal of EXP when defeated, and the amount of EXP is adjusted depending on the zone level that was selected.

4. When defeating the Mimic Chests, the player can receive the Mysterious Treasure Chest item as a reward.


Mysterious Treasure Chest Details

When opening the chest, you will receive one of the following items listed below:

Item Name Qnty
Talisman - Heaven 1
Talisman - Insanity 1
Mysterious Artifact (Balance) 1
Normal Homunculus's Hourglass 2
Normal Homunculus's Hourglass 1
Dimensional Historical Tome 4
Dimensional Historical Tome 3
Dimensional Historical Tome 2
Dimensional Historical Tome 1
Beora's Ancient Vitality Tonic 4
Beora's Ancient Vitality Tonic 5
Beora's Ancient Vitality Tonic 3
Beora's Ancient Vitality Tonic 1
Dye Powder 5
Dye Powder 3
Dye Powder 1
Spirit Ore 40
Spirit Ore 30
Spirit Ore 20
Spirit Ore 10
Soulstone 40
Soulstone 30
Soulstone 20
Soulstone 10


Mysterious Artifact (Balance) Details

When using the Mysterious Artifact, the following effects are applied to the character:

Item Name Details
Mysterious Artifact (Balance)
  • An artifact that contains mysterious powers. Can be equipped in an artifact balance slot.
  • Damage +7%, XP/SP +10%, and Damage Received -7% when equipped.
  • Cannot be enchanted.

*Artifact will be removed during the maintenance on October 3.


Event Exchange

If the player obtains more than one Mysterious Artifact, an exchange will be available through the Event NPC Mimic (Mysterious Treasure Chest) so the extra artifacts can be exchanged for chests. The Event NPC can be located at the event platform in each town.

Exchange Result Exchange Requirement
Item Name Qnty Item Name Qnty
Mysterious Treasure Chest 10 Mysterious Artifact (Balance) 1


Item Deletion 9/26

During the server maintenance on 9/26, the following items will be deleted.

Item Name
Mysterious Treasure Chest

Item Deletion 10/3

During the server maintenance on 10/3, the following items will be deleted.

Item Name
Mysterious Artifact (Balance)