The Transcendent Dungeon is explicitly designed for solo play and delivers action-packed, horde-style hunting in six unique zones for any soul brave enough for the challenge. It’s an ideal opportunity to gain a high amount of XP in a short amount of time, with plenty of rewards to earn.

How It Works

To enter, click the Special Hunting Zone icon on the right side of the in-game screen.

The Transcendent Dungeon will expire after 10 minutes, and you will exit the instance automatically, so be sure to spend your time wisely while fighting monsters. Keep an eye out for special Transcendent Guardians that may appear randomly in the dungeon. They can reward you with high XP and crafting herbs to fill up your crafting points gauge.

Note that Karma cannot be reduced when defeating monsters in the Transcendent Dungeon if your character is Chaotic.

Entry Fee

Entry fees are paid by level in the Transcendent Dungeon, and you can enter once per day. Using a Transcendent Dungeon Extra Pass item can provide you an additional entry once per day.

Hunting Zone Name


Entry Fee

Transcendent Dungeon - Sea of Spores


100 Adena

Transcendent Dungeon - Cemetery


1,000 Adena

Transcendent Dungeon - Plains of Glory


10,000 Adena

Transcendent Dungeon - War-Torn Plains


100,000 Adena

Transcendent Dungeon - Dragon Valley


200,000 Adena

Transcendent Dungeon - Sel Mahum Base


500,000 Adena


The daily cooldown timer for the Transcendent Dungeon resets every day at 6:30 AM Server Time.

You cannot enter multiple Transcendent Dungeons if you continuously level up since the dungeons share the same daily cooldown timer.

Prep For Battle

Find and talk to the Grand Master after entering the Transcendent Dungeon. You will receive a crucial Transcendence Skill (AOE) to the Transcendent Dungeon. The Transcendent Dungeon timer and monster spawn instantly when you chat with the Grand Master, so check your buff skills and items before speaking with him! If you die in battle or leave the dungeon, you will need to talk to the Grand Master again to receive the Transcendence Skill.

After speaking with the Grand Master, open the Skills Window (Alt+K) and see which Transcendence Skills are applied. Drag-drop the Transcendence Skills on the Hotbar, then right-click to enable auto use. Use the ‘Transcendence Skills’ and ‘Next Target’ functions to proceed with combat.


There is no penalty upon death in the Transcendent Dungeon, and you can re-enter to defeat monsters during the remaining time of the Transcendent Dungeon. There is no entry fee upon re-entering the Transcendent Dungeon after dying.

Pro Tip: Purchase a large amount of HP Potions before entry to ensure a smooth battle!

Your battle awaits! The Transcendent Dungeon arrives with the launch of Lineage II Aden on August 11, and don’t forget to grab an Aden Launch Pack filled with goodies to help you in your adventures!