Hello NCA players! With PURPLE on the horizon, we’ll have all kinds of new features and updates coming to the shop. Check out the table of contents below to learn more about PURPLE, currency updates, and our new Web Shop! All information below is subject to change, as PURPLE and it's Shop is still in development.

Table of Contents

NCoin Updates

New Web Shop Features

PURPLE Launcher Shop Functions

Recurring Subscriptions

Game Currency and Shop Updates


NCoin Updates

As you may have seen in our latest Currency Policy Update, we’re adjusting NCoin values so we can offer players more flexibility through mixed payments in our new Web Shop.

Until now, one US dollar could purchase approximately 80 NCoin. In our new Web Shop, one dollar can now purchase 100 NCoin. For those that already have an NCoin balance, a 1.25 multiplier will be applied to adjust to the new update. For those who may have NCoin coupon codes they haven’t redeemed yet from Amazon or other third-party distributors, the NCoin reward will also be multiplied.

Prices across all NCoin shops will also be multiplied by about 1.25, and no players will be losing value with their NCoin. In some cases, you may even receive a little more value.

To better manage our systems, we’ll also be setting a 9-year expiration policy for NCoin. For more information on NCoin updates, please see our Currency Policy Update here.


New Web Shop Features

Previously, the only paid services players could purchase on the web were subscription renewal and paid currency purchases for NCoin, BCC (Aion Live), and (Aion Classic).

With the launch of PURPLE, we are opening a new Web Shop for Lineage II, Aion, and Blade & Soul. This Web Shop will allow you to purchase the same subscriptions, NCoin, BCC (Aion Live), and Quna (Aion Classic) as before, but we will also offer other in-game shop items and currencies.

Lineage II’s Web Shop will allow you to purchase Einhasad’s Gold Coin (L2 Live) and L2 Coin (L2 Aden & Classic). L2 will now also receive a new inventory system for the delivery of Web Shop items!

Blade & Soul’s Web Shop will allow you to use your Hongmoon Coin to purchase select HMC items.

Aion’s Web Shop will allow you to use NCoin (Aion Live) and Quna (Aion Classic) to purchase select items!

Mixed Payments

With the arrival of the new Web Shop, we will be allowing players to use mixed payments when purchasing NCoin items in the new Web Shop. This means that any NCoin product available can be purchased using cash, NCoin, or a mixture of both!

New Payment Methods


PaySafeCard is now available in additional countries and due to popular demand from our South American players, Pix will now be accepted as a new payment method as well.

International Dynamic Currency Exchange Rates

Initially all cash items will be shown in USD. If you are an international user paying with the Euro or British Pound, you will see a dynamic conversion rate during the checkout stage based upon the current exchange rate with your currency and the US Dollar.


PURPLE Launcher and Mobile Shop Features



PURPLE will make purchasing and viewing NCoin balances much easier both on the desktop launcher and in the mobile app! Both will allow you to view your NCoin balance and make purchases inside the Web Shop.


Tired of going to your account on the web just to redeem a coupon? Good news! The PURPLE PC Launcher will allow you to redeem your coupon directly in the app. These coupons are what you usually use for promotions, item redemptions, Amazon Prime Gaming, and more.


Recurring Subscriptions

Due to the change of our payment processing service, existing subscriptions will not carry over to our new system. This includes Blade & Soul’s Premium Membership and Aion’s Siel’s Aura.

Your previous subscription will not be cancelled yet, but we will be rewarding players who transfer their subscriptions during the PURPLE launch with a special one-time only promotion, so keep your eyes out closer to PURPLE’s launch! Existing subscriptions will continue to recur normally for now, but eventually you will be notified when this service is terminated.


Game Currency and Shop Updates

Lineage II

The in-game L2 Store will be closing and instead, will now be provided by PURPLE. For Aden and Classic, L2 Coin packages will only be available in the new Web Shop. For players in the live server, existing Einhasad Gold packages will be moved over to the Web Shop.