To get your very own pet, you'll need to be level 76 and talk to Pet Master Lemper in Aden to receive the "Appearance of the Disappeared Pet" quest. After completing the short quest, you will need to seek out Pet Master Atingo, who roams the Plains of the Lizardmen, lurks in Dragon Valley, hangs out in the Tower of Insolence floors 1–5, or looks awkward just hanging in the Orc Barracks. Atingo will summon a random pet when his HP falls below 50%, and you'll have to defeat it in a battle after killing Atingo to obtain a Sealed (Pet Type) Necklace. The necklace is not tradeable, but don't worry, all the pets are cute and can evolve into vicious-looking guardians!

Word of caution: the "Sin Eater" pet summoned by Atingo cannot be acquired, even when you defeat it.

Pet Summoning

Use the Pet Necklace in your inventory to summon the pet when you are out of combat. You can only have one pet out at a time (not including class servitors). Summoned pets that are 20 levels or higher than their master will be unable to fight in combat.

Pet Death

After a pet has died, the master will receive a debuff called Pet Death Penalty. It will reduce the satiety gauge depending on the debuff level. The pet won't lose XP after death. After a master dies in combat, the pets will be automatically unsummoned.

A pet can be re-summoned again from the necklace, and the pet's HP/MP will be fully restored.

Pet Types

A Clawed Beast that inflicts more damage the more it attacks

Special Weapon: Dual Sword/Fist Weapon

 A unique pet that flies through the skies boasts a magnificent appearance, dominates the enemy from a long distance, and blocks the target's refuge.

Special Weapon: Bow

A pet with fantastic movement and attack speed. Its bite is daunting due to its fast attack speed. Roams the field using the full speed buff and attacks the enemy.

Special Weapon: Ancient Sword / Sword

Tanker-type pet. Protects its allies with its solid endurance. It rams its enemies to knock them out and takes blows in place of its owner.

Special Weapon: Blunt weapon/Spear

A swift assassin that steals behind its enemy. It swiftly attacks its enemy from behind to inflict severe damage.

Special Weapon: Dagger


Magic type long-distance specialization pet. It plants itself firmly in the ground and bombards its enemy with magic upon switch to bombardment mode.

Special Weapon: Rapier/Blunt weapon

Pet Skills

Attributes of evolved pets increase without a doubt, and they carry out many more roles, such as using more vital skills and buff skills.

Pet Type

Skill Name

Skill Explanation

Acquisition Condition


Iron Skin

Defense capabilities increase in proportion to the level
Defense +20, M. Def. +15 per 1 level

1st Evolution

Pet Textbook – Iron Skin


Savage Claw

Attacks enemies with its strong claws.


Leap Attack

It runs towards the target then leaps.

1st Evolution

Last Savage Claw

It deals a last blow to the target using its claws. Condition of use: only possible when the target's stamina is below 15%.

Pet Textbook – Last Savage Claw


Feather Arrow

Attacks the target by throwing feathers. The attacked target cannot take refuge for a set amount of time.


Fast Dive

Descends towards the target.

1st Evolution

Feather Tempest

Installs exploding feathers on the ground.

Pet Textbook – Feather Tempest

Feather Explosion

Blows up all feathers installed as a Feather Trap.

Pet Textbook – Feather Explosion

Patrol Strike

Attacks by penetrating the target then returns.

Pet Textbook – Patrol Strike


Bite Crush

Attacks the target by biting forcefully.


Assault Rush

Can run at full speed for a set amount of time, increasing movement and attack speed.

1st Evolution

Back Explosion

Roars and attacks the target.

Pet Textbook – Back Explosion


Horn Pierce

Attacks the target by stabbing it with its horn.


Headbutt Shock

Runs toward and headbutts the target. The attacked target falls into Stun status through probability.

1st Evolution

Magnetic Body

Wraps itself in magnetic forces to pull in surrounding targets. Defense and M. Def. increase, but movement becomes impossible.

Pet Textbook – Magnetic Body

Furious Breath

Provokes the target to attack.

1st Evolution


Tearing Blow

Goes for the target's vital points.


Flicker Attack

It chases the target and attacks by jabbing its vital points from behind.

1st Evolution

Natural Beast

Raises its attributes by eliciting its natural predator strength.

2nd Evolution


It hides its body and enters Refuge status. Skill is cleared if it attacks.

Pet Textbook - Vanish

Gigantic Bite

Crushes the target with its strong teeth. It can only be used in Banish status.

Pet Textbook – Gigantic Bite


Magic Missile

It uses a magic skill that tracks the target.


Earth Burrow

It plants its body into the ground to change to bombardment status. Defense and M. Def. are increased, but it enters immobile status and turns into majority attack upon magic missile use.

1st Evolution

Chain Block

Restrains the target using Magic Chains to keep it from moving.

Pet Textbook – Chain Block

Block Swapping

Switches the location of the target stuck is Chain Blocking and the Kookaburra.

Pet Textbook – Block Swapping

Pet Growth

If you combat with the summoned pet, the pet acquires the same amount of XP it puts into combat to grow.

Pets gain XP by hunting and defeating monsters with their most favorite people, you! As their owner, you obtain 100% XP from defeating monsters, while pets get bonus XP based on the damage inflicted.

The first pet obtained is level 1, so most characters must grow their pets from a higher status. In this case, it is easier to raise the pet in a lower-level hunting zone. Due to the difference in levels between the character and the monster, the character may not obtain XP, but the low-level pet can grow quickly. So the character and pet can soon enter hunting zones in which they can both receive XP.

Pets must be kept fed to prevent their satiety gauge from reaching 0. Once a pet's satiety gauge has reached 0, the pet will no longer fight in combat. To raise the satiety gauge, Pet Food must be given to your pet. You can acquire Pet food from the Pet Manager NPC in town.

Pet Evolution

Primary pet attributes increase based on level, and exclusive characteristics increase through Evolution. There is a big difference in the pet's combat attributes based on evolution status, so grow pets with Evolution as the goal.

Pet appearance is upgraded upon 1st Evolution, and new skills are acquired. Name and stats are also given at random. Randomly assigned names and stats cannot be changed, so leave it up to fate that you receive the name and stats of your liking. Pets can acquire more vital skills upon 2nd Evolution, and appearance also evolves to its final form surrounded in armor.


Pet Level

Required Item

1st Evolution


Pet Training Scroll – Standard

2nd Evolution


Pet Training Scroll - Advanced

Appearance by Evolution Stage 

Pet Type


A Type

B Type


1st Evolution

2nd Evolution

1st Evolution

2nd Evolution







Pet Extraction

Pet Extraction is a process that extracts life energy from a pet and transforms it into an item called a Pet XP Crystal. It can be used to grow another pet quickly. The original pet used for the extraction will completely disappear.         

Talk to either Pet Manager Lemper or Cooper for the extraction process. Pet extraction requires a certain amount of Adena and L2 Coins depending on the pet level.

You can only extract a pet that has reached Level 50 or higher.

It should also have no equipment on the pet. What's more, the pet shouldn't be summoned during the extraction process. You also cannot extract sealed pets.

Depending on your pet's level, you can receive different types and quantities of Pet XP Crystals. For example, a level 81 pet extraction will yield you x515 Pet XP Crystals.

Level of Pet Extracted

XP Crystal Received


Pet XP Crystal (100,000,000 XP)


Greater Pet XP Crystal (2,000,000,000 XP)

Pet Consumables



Acquisition Method

Pet Feed

Recover 1000 in the Satiety Gauge.

Pet Manager
Grocery Store

Pet HP Potion

This item instantly recovers 80 HP for the pet upon use.

Beast Soulshot

The power of a Soulshot is bestowed upon a servitor, increasing their physical attack. The number of Soulshots required is given in the servitor's info window (Used from the master's inventory.)
<Use Effect>

Servitor P. Atk. Bonus 100%

Beast Spiritshot

The power of a Spiritshot is bestowed upon a servitor, increasing their magical attack. The number of Spiritshots required is given in the servitor's info window. (Used from the master's inventory.)
<Use Effect>

Servitor M. Atk. Bonus 100%
Servitor Heal Power increased by a little
Servitor Casting Spd. Bonus +40

Pet Equipment

Pets can equip items in their inventory. Pets can equip 11 types of items, but they cannot equip items that have been augmented or are time-limited.

Equippable Items



Earring 1



Earring 2



Ring 1



Ring 2

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