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Welcome to PURPLE

NC America is proud to announce our brand-new launcher experience! Meet PURPLE, a modern game launcher loaded with all the features you need for a streamlined gaming experience - all in one convenient place.

Coming Soon

For Lineage II, Aion, and Blade & Soul.

Available on PC for Windows and for Mobile on Android and IOS.


* Please note that all features are in development and may not launch with all titles. More information will become available closer to release.


Main Features

  • TALK
  • LIVE
  • ON


Chat with your friends through voice and text in PURPLE Talk and take your conversations on the go with the mobile app.


Reach your fans (and find new ones) with PURPLE Live. Stream your content directly through PURPLE and invite others to join in.


Stuck somewhere you’d rather not be? Then why not game on the go? Stream your game to your mobile device and play remotely, wherever you are.

  • Streaming & Play
  • Game Alerts 
  • Remote Game Control 
  • Stream Security 


All your PURPLE-supported games are in one place for easy download.

  • Buy in-game currencies and items directly from the store for all your favorite games.
  • Multiple payment methods supported.

PURPLE Lounge 

A hub for finding game news and other related content in one centralized location.

PURPLE Multiplay

Multiplay allows players to log in, store, and play with multiple accounts simultaneously.
* The number of accounts that can be played in Multiplay varies depending on the title.

Integrated Notifications

With Integrated Notifications, you can check notifications for PURPLE Talk, game status, and PURPLE's detailed services in one view. 

  • PURPLE Store - Supports payment-related notifications such as payment verification requests and payment history 
  • PURPLE On - Supports notifications for detailed game information such as item looting and battle status
  • PURPLE Talk - Supports chat-related notifications such as clan chat and 1:1 chat

Note: Purple is currently available for our mobile game Lineage2M. We recommend not downloading this current version of PURPLE until it becomes available for Lineage II, Aion, and Blade & Soul. We are planning an account migration for the official release and creating a new account now before this may create unnecessary steps to migrate your account.