Hello Lineage II Players, 

We would like to give our community an update regarding the current server crashing situation.

We have noticed an increase in server crashes since the release of PURPLE on 3/12. A lot has changed on the backend, and our team continuously worked on troubleshooting and mitigating the root cause of these crashes after PURPLE's release. Crashes related to the PURPLE migration were finally addressed with the maintenance on 4/24 and these specific PURPLE related issues have currently been resolved.

However, with the recent release of the 20th anniversary events, our servers have naturally been experiencing more traffic than usual, which is resulting in the more recent crashes which seem to affect Chronos more than any other server. We are currently working hard to find how to address these new issues and will be applying our first round of fixes with maintenance this Wednesday.

Please bear in mind that there is no such simple solution like "double the server core count" or "3x the ram." Lineage II game servers don't scale well just by increasing the server hardware power. Of course, we upscale our servers just to make sure the issues are not related to hardware bottlenecks, but at some point, throwing more power at the server doesn't do any good.

As explained before, our team has been prioritizing the recent server issues, and we finally believe to have a good solution in hand, which we will be applying during this week's maintenance. We are hopeful that these changes will improve the server stability, and even if they do not, we will continue to prioritize the issues until they are resolved.

Additionally, once the issue is resolved for good, we will then create a compensation plan for all players for the inconveniences you had to go through. We are not oblivious to the time, XP, and items players have lost due to server crashes, and we hope to make this up to you all. For now, we will spawn Bora and Angel Cat after maintenance until a compensation plan is formulated.

We appreciate your patience and support while we work to get this issue resolved, and we hope to soon have this problem put behind us.


- The Lineage II Team