The hunter becomes the hunted in Lineage II: Aden’s upcoming event: Defeat Nurka!

The innocent shall be preyed upon no more once you’re through with Nurka and his gang of bandits – assuming you can succeed! You’ll have fifteen minutes to complete your mission, starting this Wednesday.


Beginning during maintenance on June 8 and lasting through maintenance on June 29, you’ll be able to enter the Bandits Wildlife hunting zone to participate in the event. Entry is available once per day and resets daily at 6:30 server time.

To do so, speak to Koldrat in Aden’s Castle Village who will transport you to the event location:You must be in a guild Level 3 or higher and be accompanied by a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 40 clan mates, your guild master will become the group leader. Once you arrive, seek out Team Leader Randre who can provide you with the Grandmaster's Transcendental Blessing Buff to help as you attempt to complete the hunt!

Complete the Hunt

Once you begin the hunt in Bandits Wildlife, you’ll want to defeat all of the subordinate monsters in the zone. Included among them, you will also find between 10 and 30 Clan Treasure Chests. Defeating them will award a large amount of EXP and SP. Whoever last hits each Treasure Chest will also earn 10 Clan EXP.

Once you defeat all his subordinates, Nurka will spawn. Once defeated, Nurka has a chance of dropping a Blood Crystal, which is used to learn Clan Skills. His defeat will also trigger the completion of the event mission: Bandit Stronghold Investigation.

Mission Name




Bandit Stronghold Investigation

Defeat the Bandits Leader, Nurka.

Red Arc (Time-limited)(1ea.)

Special HP Recovery Potion (100ea.)

Honor Coin Pouch (6ea.)

Character Level 70+, limited at 1 per day.

Finally, once Nurka is defeated, 1 to 3 Soul Boxes will spawn and crafting points can be obtained by defeating them. You’ll have just five minutes to defeat them though, so hurry before the hunting zone ends!

Finally, take note that at the conclusion of the event on June 29 during maintenance, all Red Arc (Time-limited) will be removed! Until then however, enjoy the event and happy hunting!