The wait is almost over, and we are thrilled to announce that on Wednesday, March 15, the Assassin & Dethrone Fire Updates will be released for all Lineage II, Aden & Classic fans! We plan on releasing more information soon with more details about the contents. However, please take a glance at some of the features coming to the Lineage II world!

Lineage II - Dethrone Fire Update

Dethrone Fire Zone – Dethrone is getting a new zone called the Fire Zone, consisting of two new areas! With this new zone, there will be new quests, missions, collections, a new Dethrone Shop, and the enhanced First Source of Fire ability!

Execution Ground – Would you adventure yourself and explore this new Hunting Zone? The existing Guillotine Fortress has been transformed into the Execution Grounds. This area is designed for high-level players who have harvested the incredible power needed to defeat Guillotine.

Ice Queen’s Castle – The Ice Queen Castle is a new weekly party-instanced zone! In this zone, players will be able to fight the bosses Freya and Glakia and obtain great rewards as they push their way through the Ice Queen’s Castle.

Character Ability Reorganization – A total revamp of the current ability system. The known Berserkers and Wizard ability trees have been combined, and a new ability tree, Oracles, has been added. All players will be able to re-arrange their abilities once the update is live.

And Much More! – There is much more coming to Lineage II: Hunting Zone balance changes, new items, skill expansion, class improvements, a whole new UI revamp, and much more! The L2 Team looks forward to releasing the full patch notes in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

Aden - Assassin Update

Assassin Class – A brand new class will be available to all players! The one chosen by the darkness is arriving in Aden! This class will feature excellent combat skills and be decisive in PvP and PvE combat. Are you ready to start your new journey and explore the lands of Aden with the new Assassin Class?

Immortal Weapons – New powerful weapons will expand the arsenal selection. They are called Immortal due to their infinite strength. These weapons will be destructive and are said to be sought after by the most powerful in Aden!

Garden of Power – The Garden of Power is filled with divine powers! This new area has been added to Forgotten Garden. Players who wish to challenge the zone should be careful with Radi, also known as the master of the winds. The boss will meet any adventures with great power.

Memories Hunting Grounds – The new update will bring five hunting zones to life! These hunting grounds are designed for levels 85+ players and will touch memories from long ago.

Brand New Server – A new Aden server will open along with the Assassin Update in March! This new server will be the first to feature a PvE setting during the weekdays when PvP is not allowed. However, the protection will vanish during the weekends when PvP will be allowed!

And Much More! - The Assassin update for Aden will also bring many more improvements, like class balancing and a whole UI revamp! So stay tuned during the weeks to come for more information as we get the full patch notes ready for you!

Classic - Assassin Update

Tantar Ruins – The highly anticipated World Hunting Zone will finally come to Lineage II Classic! In Tantar Ruins, players from Giran and Talking Island can compete and explore the ruins of Tantar together! Who will dominate this new zone?

Heavenly Cloak – This new item will bring incredible power from the heavens to the select warriors of Lineage II Classic. With this new Cloak, players can access exclusive chance-activated skills and expand their power against their enemy!

Equipment Set System – This new system will allow players to quickly change between equipment sets and adapt rapidly to any battle situation they find themselves in.

Agathions – Two new Agathions are born. The Dragon Egg Agathion can be enchanted using Dragon’s Agathion Enchant Scrolls, and when enchanted until a certain level, the Valaskas Agathion will become alive!

And Much More! - The Assassin Update for Classic will also bring features and quality-of-life improvements, such as automatically selecting the elemental attribute depending on the monster type, an auto-blessing system, a UI revamp, and much more! We look forward to releasing the full patch notes in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!