Daily Attendance Check

Check your attendance daily and earn special rewards every 7days!

DurationMay 30th (TUE) ~ July 4th (TUE)

How to Participate


Collector’s Adventures

Earn 19th Anniversary Treasure Tickets through hunting and craft a variety of rewards!

DurationMay 30th (TUE) ~ June 20th (TUE)

How to Participate

Complete your 19th Anniversary Collection using 19th Anniversary Coins!

  • All reward items above will be deleted during the maintenance on July 4th.

Red Libra Merchants

Check out the special offers from Red Libra Merchants in Aden to celebrate Lineage II’s 19th Anniversary!

DurationMay 30th (TUE) ~ June 27th (TUE)

Wine Lover Event

Acquire mysterious grapes to craft Sweet Red Wine and complete your
Wine Lover’s Party Collection!

DurationMay 30th (TUE) ~ July 4th (TUE)

Hunt Monsters to obtain Mysterious Grapes

*Obtaining method differs by server

Use Mysterious Grapes to craft some Sweet Red Wine
and Wine Lover’s Mark!

Register the Wine Lover’s Mark to complete two event collections!

19th Anniversary Gifts

Receive more special gifts to celebrate the 19th Anniversary!

DurationMay 30th (TUE) ~ July 4th (TUE)