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Shilen pauses in her assault on the world of Aden.
But evil never truly rests. In the seeming calm before the storm,
the area of Hellbound has been reinvigorated.

This forsaken land now contains new areas to explore, new quests to complete, and new evils to vanquish. Due to the extreme danger involved, it is only available to level 99 characters.

Three new hunting grounds have been added:

  • Beleth Circle is a solo hunting area with changing conditions
  • Martyr’s Quarry is for small party hunting and has monsters that can evolve and become more powerful
  • Oasis Hills is an area that will challenge groups with increasingly powerful monsters


As the defenders of Aden continue to hone their fighting skills, refinements and changes are discovered and implemented.

With this expansion comes an overhaul of the skill system. You will find that many skills have been modified in some way. Some have had their skill effects changed. Additionally, over 25 new skills have been added! Make sure you review your skills to ensure you’re the strongest you can be!


The inhabitants of Aden, in their quest to defeat Shilen, have continued to search for ways to increase their power. Turning their focus inward, they searched not for a hero or a leader, but a new power within themselves. Now, their solution can be revealed!

The new ability system allows players to distribute points in an ability tree. Selecting abilities not only makes their character stronger, but also serves to make them stand out from other players.

Activate Ability

Activate Ability

Choosing Abilities

Choosing Abilities

Returning Bosses

It seems that there’s something allowing the past to return to Aden. The forces of destruction stir, and some old enemies have returned to plague adventurers.


Level 99

He was one of the Devil's retainers from Asmodae, and Beleth placed him among the people in order to rule Hellbound. He took over the power and turned Hellbound into the Devil's territory after Beleth disappeared for magic experiments.


Level 99

He is both the best wizard in the world and the worst devil in history. Although sealed away after his defeat by the Ivory Tower wizards, he escaped. Using Hellbound Island, he connected to and successfully possessed a mysterious power that even the gods were not aware of. Nobody knows what he thinks or what he wants.


Level 85-89 | Daughter of Shilen

Resurrected from one of the two Seal Stones that emerged from the darkness of the Abyss, Apostle Lilith has begun to carry out Shilen’s orders for a great sacrifice in the material world.


Level 90-94 | 9th Daughter of Einhasad

Ensnared by darkness, the feeble-minded angel Anakim now stands on the side of Shilen, her once-enemy. Resurrected from one of the two Seal Stones that emerged from the darkness of the Abyss, the fallen angel has begun to prepare a great sacrifice for Shilen.

Activate Ability

Level 99 Noblesse characters will see the ability button in the character status window.


Choosing Abilities

With the points you acquire, players can apply skills of your choosing