Red mountain

In the ancient era of the Giants, souls of great Giant heroes and their powers were stored in the forgotten Scroll of Afterlife for future use.

Shilen, Goddess of Destruction, has awakened.

When the fourth seal was broken, Shilen, the Goddess of Destruction, awakened from her long sleep in the darkness. She sacrificed her followers in the Necropolis and Catacombs and used the dark energy from their deaths to summon a Dark Moon to use as her eyes to see the world.

Shilen exhaled, and the sky ran red. She sprayed her blood over the continent. Monsters drank her bloody rain and became enraged. Countless people died, providing sacrifices to strengthen the darkness that was Shilen's power. Villages and ports shut down, one by one.

The Goddess of Destruction tore the floating city of Ye Sagira from the sky. This act released the spirit of Hermuncus, the last surviving Giant, who had been imprisoned there. Long ago, Shilen persuaded the Giants to steal power from the god Einhasad. This brought her wrath down upon the Giants and led to their ruin. As the last Giant, Hermuncus hid Einhasad's stolen power somewhere deep in a lost dimension to keep Shilen from that power.

Shilen was thwarted. Shilen's attack on Ye Sagira did not let her seize Einhasad's power from Hermuncus in Ye Sagira, where she believed that power was hidden. Instead, it gave the Giant a chance to revive Hermuncus's tribe. He approached Humans with a proposal: Help him release his body, reunite it with his spirit, and revive his tribe, and in return, he would awaken their latent powers.

The world seemed to be ending. The gods were unreachable. The Humans accepted Hermuncus's proposal. The two forces would join to resist Shilen.

Hermuncus, last of the Giants, opposes Shilen.

The gods did not create the Giants. The gods and Giants were born alongside each other. The abilities of the Giants were as mighty as those of the gods, and when the Giants combined science and technology with their natural powers, they ruled as supreme masters of the land.

While Giant civilization rose, the gods lost ground as their authority was undermined by their own internal turmoil and power struggles. Disappointed by the gods, the Giants rose up against them. For a long time, war raged between them, and neither was victorious. In the end, though, the gods won, and Einhasad obliterated the Giant race.

Only Hermuncus, leader of the Giants, was kept alive. This last Giant, convicted of stealing the power of the gods, was consigned to eternal punishment. With all of his limbs severed, he was sealed for eternity in the floating city of Ye Sagira to provide an example to any who might dare to rise against the gods. The Giants were all but erased from the face of the land.

Hermuncus offers the Awakening to Humans to aid him against Shilen.

The powers the Giants wielded were like those bestowed upon the gods at the beginning of time. However, the Giants' powers could be preserved for future generations. In the ancient era of the Giants, souls of great Giant heroes and their powers were stored in the forgotten Scroll of Afterlife for future use.

The Giants of a later age desired more power and used the Scroll of Afterlife to try to imbue themselves with the powers of the ancient Giant heroes. Most of the lesser giants who tried this could not withstand the powers of the ancient souls and died trying to absorb the powers. However, some lesser giants awakened with heightened powers.

Shilen's return woke Hermuncus from his slumber. He sought aid. What he offered in exchange for those who would aid his cause was the Scroll of Afterlife.

Hermuncus never guessed that the Humans who promised to help him would be able to awaken with the power of the Giant heroes. He expected that Humans who used the Scroll of Afterlife would die from the sheer weight of the power. But they did not die. Instead, they manifested the Giants' powers.

They Awakened.

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