Climb the pinnacle of your skills to fight a wealth of new Lineage® II raid bosses.

As part of the wealth of content in the Lineage® II MMORPG Goddess of Destruction™ update coming in fall 2011, you can triumph over 60 new raid bosses. Challenge the gigantic dragonspawn Trasken the Earth Wyrm, and fight embodiments of the bitter rebel leader Spezion's tortured memories. Go toe-to-toe with Octavis, betrayer of Spezion and guardian of Orbis Temple, while he rides against you in his chariot. Outsmart and outfight the magical Twins, the symbiotic Istina the Mother Creator, Balok (the new evil creation of Beleth), and more.

Boss Overview


Endgame Boss

Once a hero among humans, the noble warrior Octavis was a follower of Spezion in the rebellion against Einhasad. More than that, he was also Spezion's trusted friend. Einhasad's daughter, the Angel Paulina, enticed Octavis into betraying his comrades. His betrayal led to the utter defeat of the rebellion and Spezion's captivity in the Prison of Darkness.

Einhasad rewarded Octavis by making him the keeper of Orbis Temple, a sanctuary for great heroes, where he was to rest in glory forever. However, Shilen's awakening has caused evil spirits to spread across the land. These spirits have even crept into the great halls of Orbis Temple. Octavis and the lesser heroes surrounding him have been roused. Tormented and corrupted by the evil spreading around them, Octavis and his minions now challenge all who enter the temple.

Octavis can be faced in combat in an instanced raid dungeon by speaking to Lydia inside Orbis Temple. A group of between 7 and 49 high level players is required in order to challenge Octavis. The raid can be done in either normal mode, which resets twice per week, or epic mode, which resets once per week.

Octavis 1

Octavis and his minions challenge all who enter the Orbis Temple.


Endgame Boss

Horned and clawed, the bestial demon Balok was created by evil mage Beleth. With the sword Velakia in his immense fist, Balok wields the power to open the gates to hell.

Balok was brought forth by the corrupted mage Beleth, who planned to use the demon in a plot to overrun the Isle of Prayer and bring disciples from hell into the world. To further this purpose, Beleth gave his servant the sword Velakia, a weapon capable of carving deep into the earth and opening the gates to hell. But Beleth was unable to control the demon's strength and bloodthirsty rage. Balok escaped his creator and retreated to the Crystal Caverns, where he and the disciples he has released wait to attack any who venture inside.

Balok 1 Balok 2

Beleth is among the most powerful of mages, and his creation is nearly invincible. But the demon Balok has a weakness, if you look carefully for it. Be sure to use it to your advantage during a fight. Balok can be challenged in an instanced raid by one to three full parties of players. The instance resets twice per week.

Balok wields the power to open the gates to hell.


Seed Raid Boss, Queen of Annihilation, Mother Creator

Istina, the Queen of Annihilation, broods at the heart of one of the nine Seeds that Shilen sent down to the earth, watching over everything that happens inside the seed from its deepest reaches. The bulging, enormously fat lower body of the Mother Creator is fused to the transcendently beautiful face and torso of the angelic Istina. In fact, she is one and the same with the Seed of Annihilation. The Seed of Annihilation is an enormous parasitic creature that absorbs bioenergy through its roots, and Istina is a conscious entity that inhabits the Seed.

Istina 1 Istina 2

Istina has a symbiotic relationship with the land. She uses the energy that she siphons from the earth to create the creatures that she spews forth, populating the Seed around her. The offspring of Istina, who are the perverse negatives of everything created by Einhasad, continue to mutate and propagate at a formidable speed inside Istina's dwelling. The Queen of Annihilation continues to create new twisted creatures and test their abilities. Her drive is to give birth to the mightiest creatures of annihilation, destruction, and evil that she can to lay waste to this plane of existence.

Istina can be fought in a party instanced raid in normal or epic mode inside the Seed of Annihilation. Beware her offspring, as you will need to fight through them to engage her at her seat of power.

The Queen of Annihilation continues to create new twisted creatures and test their abilities.

The Twins

Maliss and Isadora, Twin Bosses

Though beautiful and as perfectly formed as green jade, the faces of Maliss and Isadora mirror their cold natures. Their eyes are filled not with warmth, but with malice and vanity. Maliss and Isadora are twins, but they manifest opposing yet complementary powers.

After undoing four of the great seals that would allow him to revive the goddess of destruction, Etis van Etina created four powerful apostles and bestowed upon them powerful abilities derived from each of those four seals. These four creations swore an oath of loyalty to Etis van Etina. They now guard each seal and exterminate those who seek to go near. Two of these apostles are the Twins, Maliss and Isadora.

Etis bestowed different and opposing abilities upon each of the Twins. Maliss was given the power of the Seal of Avarice, which gives her absolute power over life forms around her. Isadora was given the power of the Seal of Vengeance, which gives her magic greater than that possessed by the archmages of the Ivory Tower. The sisters' complementary powers allow for a continuous chain of powerful attacks and constant healing. The longer the battle, the stronger they become, through Shilen's blessing, so any who face the Twins must stay on their toes and coordinate well to defeat them.


Epic Raid Boss

The worn lines on Spezion's face betray his hard and bitter nature. His stern face is molded by the ages he spent trapped by bars of starlight, being driven to madness.

Spezion led a rebellion, defying Einhasad and trying to divide Magmeld. His trusted friend, Octavis, betrayed him to Einhasad, and the rebellion was wiped out. Spezion was sentenced to suffer forever in the Prison of Darkness, pinned by the bars that imprison him. Now that Spezion has stirred to a twilight consciousness, he forces visitors in his prison to confront the demons of his tortured mind, where he relives all the pain and failure he has experienced during the rebellion and his imprisonment.

Spezion's Prison of Darkness is a party instanced dungeon. To triumph over the twisted embodiments of Spezion's tortured past and escape from his cage, make the most of the surrounding environment of the dungeon. Also, watch out for his impressive swords, which are as sharp as the memories that torment him!


Trasken the Earth Wyrm

Endgame Epic Raid Boss

Trasken, a gigantic, flightless wyrm, is a dragonspawn of Shilen's lineage. Trasken is a monstrous being of immense power and a bridge from this dimension to another.

Trasken slept for eons deep below the Mithril Mines found in the eastern mining zone of the snow-covered Spine Mountains. Long ago, the Gray Pillar Dwarven mining guild woke him when they dug further than they ever had before to follow the rich veins of mithril. Trasken slew hundreds of Dwarves, but the hero Lucien defeated the Earth Wyrm and sealed him back in the depths Mithril Mines. He was locked in the nascent form of one of his eggs.

Wyrm 1 Trasken video

When Shilen began to stir after the fourth seal was broken, she used the power of the willing sacrifice of her worshipers to break open the seal holding the imprisoned Trasken. Trasken burst out, fully regrown.

Shilen then began funneling her worshipers–those who had drunk the rain of her blood–to him. The Earth Wyrm devoured many Shilen worshipers urged by the goddess's influence to come to the Mithril Mines. Trasken now channels the power generated from the blood of their deaths to his goddess to fully resurrect her in time, and then bring about the end of all things.

Shilen used her power to break open the seal holding the imprisoned Trasken, who then burst out, fully regrown.

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