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In Lineage II, damage from enemies reduces a player’s HP (Health Points) and CP (Combat Points), and using skills or casting magic reduces a player’s MP (Mana Points). HP, CP, and MP are, in essence, different forms of energy, which can be restored by resting, or in some cases, using potions.

Potions provide players with a significant advantage in combat--an HP potion or CP potion may allow a player to prevent their own death! Careful use of potions can be critical to success in Lineage II.

Popping Potions

Potions are suitable for all classes, though some classes may find certain potions to be more desirable than others. All classes can benefit from HP potions to restore lost Health Points, and CP potions are useful in PvP.

Using a potion is simple--just double-click the potion in the inventory, or drag the potion icon and place it on the action bar for one-click use.

Most potions have a reuse delay (or cooldown), and the same potion cannot be used again until the reuse delay resets. Due to the potion reuse delay, it’s important to strategize the ideal time to use potions.

Purchasing Potions

L2StoreIcon.jpgPurchasing potions from the L2 Store is a cinch! To access the store, click on the L2 Store icon in the Lineage II client. In the L2 Store, navigate to the Supplies tab to find potions.

For assistance with the L2 Store or Purchasing NCoin, please click How to use L2 Store or How to Buy NCoin.


There are a few different types of potions available on the L2 Store. Current available potions include:

Super Healthy Juice (HP) Pack (240 NCoin)

Super Healthy Juice (HP) fully restores a character’s HP, and has a five minute reuse delay.

Super Healthy Juice (CP) Pack (400 NCoin)

Super Healthy Juice (CP) fully restores a character’s CP, and has a five minute reuse delay.

Instantly restore energy to defy death or perform impossible feats!

Purchase potions from the L2 Store for an edge in combat!

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