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New Year's Store Update: New Item Details


Enjoy a plethora of new store items to celebrate the New Year! Choose from four special mounts, stylish hats and more, including exclusive L2 Store-only permanent accessories!


This is an inclusive list of all the bonus items in the exploration packs. Please note that some packs may vary in quantity of these items.

Bonus Bonus Item Description Dr* Tr* De* PW* CW* Oly* ID* Di*
hairaccessorystone.jpg Hair Accessory Life Stone: Visit a Blacksmith in any town and use this Life Stone on a Hair Accessory to add a random ability. NO NO YES YES NO NO NO NO
luckyweaponenchant.jpg Lucky Weapon Enchant Stone (R-Grade): Use this Stone while enchanting a R-Grade weapon to increase the enchant success rate by 10%. This item can only be used from +3 to +9. Cannot be exchanged, dropped, or destroyed. Can be stored in a private warehouse. NO NO NO YES NO YES YES NO
featherofblessing.jpg Feather of Blessing: You can resurrect right away at the spot where you died if you have the Feather of Blessing in your inventory. Cannot be exchanged or dropped. Can be shared between characters within the same account through the Dimensional Merchant. NO NO YES YES NO NO YES YES
weaponofdestruction.jpg Scroll: Enchant Weapon of Destruction (R-Grade): Increases P. Atk. by 6 for R-grade one-handed swords, one-handed blunts, daggers, spears, and other weapons when enchanted. Increases P. Atk. by 7 for two-handed swords, two-handed blunts, dual swords, two-handed fist weapons, and crossbows. Increases P. Atk. by 12 for bow weapons. Increases M. Atk. by 5 for all weapons. P. Atk./M. Atk. greatly increase at +4. All amounts are increased for blessed weapons. If enchanting fails, the power of the Goddess of Destruction stops the item from resetting and maintains its existing enchant value. Cannot be used on weapons above +15. Cannot be exchanged or dropped. NO NO YES YES NO YES YES NO

* Dr=Droppable, Tr=Tradable, De=Destroyable, PW=Private Warehouse, CW=Clan Warehouse, Oly=Olympiad Use, ID=Instance Dungeon Use, Di=Dimensional Item

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