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NCoin Promo - May 9 - May 23, 2012

This promo is no longer available. This page remains viewable for reference only.

Purchase NCoin to receive bonus rewards!

This special NCoin promo runs from May 9 to May 23, 2012.

Get all five rewards by purchasing 8,000 NCoin!


NCoin Amount /

Dollar Value

Milestone Reward

Item Description

400 / $5

Black Bear Claw 7-Day Pack
Black Bear Hat 7-Day Pack

Whether you want to be fuzzy or fearsome, the Black Bear Hat and Bear Claws adorn you well. Black Bear Hat is a two-slot head accessory. Black Bear Claws a fist weapons with low attack power. Can be used for 7 days. Cannot be exchanged or dropped.

800 / $10

Heavenly Cocktail

For 60 minutes, your character receives the following Level 1 Iss Enchanter buffs: Horn Melody, Guitar Melody, Pipe Organ Melody, Lute Melody, Harp Melody, and Drum Melody. Cannot be exchanged or dropped, but can be shared via the Dimensional Merchant.

1,600 / $20

Nevit’s Hourglass 4-Hours

When consumed, increases acquired XP by 50%. Cannot be exchanged or dropped.

4,000 / $50

Baium Ring 30-Day Pack

Increases MP by21, resistance to poison, and poison Atk. Rate by 40%, Accuracy, P. Crit. Damage, and Hold tolerance by 30%, and attack and Casting Spd. If two Baium rings are equipped, the effects only apply once. Can be used for 30 days. Cannot be exchanged or dropped. Note that the pack is a dimensional item but the ring itself is not.

8,000 / $100

Antharas Agathion

Summon the adorable Antharas agathion to keep you company while you play. You can keep him forever! Cannot be exchange or dropped.



When will I get my reward item(s)?

The list of NCoin amounts purchased per game account is processed on a weekly basis. The timeframe for each weekly batch begins and ends at 10:00 PDT each Tuesday. Each batch of winners receive their bonus reward item on the following Wednesday.

  • Example: if you purchase enough NCoin to earn one or more milestone rewards at 09:59 PDT on Tuesday, May 15, the item(s) will be applied to your account the next day, Wednesday, May 16. If you make the eligible purchase at 10:01 PDT on Tuesday, May 15, the item(s) will be applied a week later, on Wednesday, May 23.
  • The bonus item(s) will be applied to your Lineage II game account on the following Wednesday. You’ll receive a message notifying you of this via an email to the email address on your NCsoft Master Account.

To claim your NCoin Promo milestone reward item(s)

  • Log in to your NCsoft Master Account.
  • In the right column, click on the Lineage II game account through which you purchased the eligible NCoin amount with.
  • In the Actions window, click on Apply In-Game Items.
  • Select the server that you want to send the reward item(s) to, and click Next.
  • Select the character you want to send the reward item(s) to, and click Next.
    • Note that, although you are prompted to choose a character, the item(s) will actually be delivered to the Dimensional Merchant NPC on the chosen server. You can collect the item(s) from any of your characters on this same server and account.
  • Select the item you wish to apply to this character, and click Next.
  • Review the confirmation page, and if all the information is correct, click Apply the Items/Item Packs to this Character.
  • The in-game items will be placed the Dimensional Merchant NPC of the server you chose right away. Log in with the character you wish to give the item(s) to, visit a Dimensional Merchant NPC in any major town, and retrieve your items.


  • NCoin purchase history and current NCoin balance before May 9, 2012 do not count towards the promotion milestones. Only NCoin purchased within the promo time frame applies.
  • It is not necessary to purchase each milestone amount separately; for the amount purchased, any milestone rewards within the amount will apply even if only one transaction is made. (To receive all the NCoin Promo rewards, a total of 8,000 NCoin must be purchased, which can be done in a single transaction or over multiple transactions.)
  • A Lineage II game account can only win each milestone reward once.
  • The promo tracks purchase of NCoin only, not the use of it. Spending the NCoin on items will not affect your milestone reward status.


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