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My Teleport: New Feature!

My Teleport

Traverse the vast realm of Aden in the blink of an eye with the new My Teleport feature! This convenient feature allows players to place “bookmarks” at any location in the world of Aden using special Teleport Flags, and instantly travel to any of their bookmarked locations using a Teleport Scroll!


Using My Teleport

To use the My Teleport feature, players need at least one unlocked My Teleport Slot, a My Teleport Flag, and a My Teleport Scroll. My Teleport Slots can be unlocked with a My Teleport Spellbook.


My Teleport Spellbooks, My Teleport Flags, and My Teleport Scrolls can be purchased from the L2 Store™ in-game.

Purchasing a My Teleport Spellbook unlocks 3 My Teleport Slots. With a My Teleport Slot unlocked, bookmarking a location is simple:

  • At the desired location, open the My Teleports menu (located on the mini-map).
  • Click the Save My Location button on the My Teleports menu—players need at least 1 My Teleport Flag to save a location.
  • Enter a name for the location and an acronym for the icon.


The location is now bookmarked, and will display in the My Teleports Spellbook! To modify a bookmarked My Teleport location, simply drag the icon and drop it on the “Edit My Teleport” icon (hammer icon) in the My Teleports menu.


Traveling to a My Teleport location is even simpler—just click the icon in the My Teleports menu, or drag the icon to the action bar and use it as a hot key. Teleporting with My Teleport will consume 1 My Teleport Scroll each time.

Purchasing My Teleport Supplies in L2 Store

L2StoreIcon.jpgPurchasing My Teleport supplies from the L2 Store is a cinch! To access the store, click on the L2 Store Icon in the Lineage II client. From the L2 Store, navigate to the Supplies tab to find the My Teleport supplies.

For additional information, please visit How to use L2 Store or How to Buy NCoin.


To start using the My Teleports feature, players need at least one of each of the following items:

My Teleport Spellbook Pack (240 NCoin)

The My Teleport Spellbook Pack includes 1 My Teleport Spellbook which unlocks 3 My Teleport Slots needed to bookmark My Teleport locations.

My Teleport Flag 10-Unit Pack (160 NCoin)

The My Teleport Flag 10-Unit Pack includes 10 My Teleport Flags, which allows a player to bookmark a My Teleport location in one of their My Teleport Slots.

My Teleport Scroll 10-Unit Pack (80 NCoin)

The My Teleport Scroll 10-Unit Pack includes 10 My Teleport Scrolls, which allow players to teleport to any of their bookmarked My Teleport locations.

Breeze across Aden at lightning speed--head to the L2 Store to begin using My Teleport now!

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