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Hungry Horse Store Update


With the Hungry Horse event, the L2 Store has been updated with some event items for Hungry Horse, as well as some permanent additions to the L2 Store.  Included in the permanent additions are Steel Support Boxes for 1 Adena (limit 1 per account).  Check out the items below!



Available August 27th to September 17, 2014
carrot.jpg Carrot x40 - 10 NCoin - Give some of these to Galup and you might get a special gift.  You can give it to Hungry Galup in the hunting zones.  Deleted after the event.  
carrotpack.jpg Ultimate Carrot Pack - 800 NCoin - Contains 4000 Carrots.  Awards 10 Hero Coin.



Item Packs available permanently
steeldoor.jpg Steel Support Box - 1 Adena - Awards 500 Steel Door Guild coins, which can then be exchanged for gear at an Adventurer Guide NPC in town.  Limit 1 per account.



Permanent L2 Store Items
hairband.jpg Ribbon Hairband - 399 NCoin - Female characters only.  Large ribbon hair accessory.  Uses 2 accessory slots.  Awards 5 Hero Coin.
jesterhat.jpg Jester Hat - 399 NCoin - A festive hat.  Awards 5 Hero Coin.
coronet.jpg Coronet - 399 NCoin - Female characters only.  Bridal accessory.  Uses 2 accessory slots.  Awards 5 Hero Coin.

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