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Halloween Store Update, October 29th

The Halloween spooktacular store update continues! Today we're adding some hair accessory cosmetics just perfect for your Halloween costume needs. Don't forget to check back tomorrow when more Halloween themed goodies go on sale.

Want to prove that you're the greatest wizard in town? Well, you have to look the part. We're adding two Wizard Hats to the L2 Store:

wizard-hat.jpg Wizard's Hat (319 NCoin- An old fashion wizard's hat with a wide brim and bent tip. The Wizard's Hat has a Big Head skill. Uses 2 hair accessory slots. Tradable.
refined-wizard-hat.jpg Refined Wizard's Hat (319 NCoin- For the wizard with a little more flare, we offer the Refined Wizard's Hat. Uses 2 hair accessory slots. Tradable.


Maybe wizardry isn't your thing? No problem, we've also added the Jester's Hat and Afro Hair to the L2 Store:

jesters-hat.jpg Jester's Hat (319 NCoin) - For those whose best weapon is laughter we have the Jester's Hat. Jester's Hat has a Firework skill. Uses 2 hair accessory slots. Tradable.
afro-hair.jpg Afro Hair (319 NCoin) - For those with funky fresh style, we have the Afro Hair. Afro Hair has both Big Head and Firework skills. Uses 2 hair accessory slots. Tradable.


Don't forget about Halloween Bundle and Halloween Ultimate Bundle. They're on sale until November 6th!

halloween bundle.jpg

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