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Halloween Store Update 2014



Coming to the L2 Store this update are some items for the Alien Invasion Event, as well as special Halloween items that will only be available for limited time!  Check them out below!


Available October 29th to November 5th, 2014
halloweenpotion.jpg Mysterious Halloween Potion - 1 Adena - Limit one per account.  Assumes a temporary Halloween appearance for one hour.
HWcostume_icon.jpg Halloween Suit - 480 NCoin - Wear ghoulish style in any season!  Awards 6 Hero Coin.


Invasion Event Items - Available October 22nd to November 12th, 2014
monster_store.jpg Monster Research (x100) - 10 NCoin - Bring 100 to L2B2 to exchange for Reward Capsules.
HWbundle.jpg Ultimate Monster Research Pack (x10,000) - 800 NCoin - Contains a bundle of 10,000 Monster Research notes.  Awards 10 Hero Coin.


Available October 22nd to November 5th, 2014
halloweencloak.jpg Halloween Cloak - 400 NCoin - Protect yourself from brittle autumn breezes in style.  Awards 5 Hero Coin.
outfitstoneHW.jpg Halloween Outfit Appearance Stone - 640 NCoin - Changes your armor appearance to resemble the Halloween Suit.  Awards 8 Hero Coin.
weaponstoneHW.jpg Halloween Weapon Appearance Stone - 640 NCoin - Changes your weapon to a more spooktacular look.  Awards 8 Hero Coin.

Halloween Costume Pack - 1200 NCoin - Awards 24 Hero Coin, a 60% bonus.  Contains the following items:

  • Halloween Outfit Appearance Stone x1
  • Halloween Weapon Appearance Stone x1
  • Halloween Broomstick Mount x1

Pictures of the Halloween costumes and weapons are available here.

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