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Galleria Update and Brooch Promo Extension


In order to make sure you can take full advantage of La Vie en Rose's Brooches, we're extending the promotion period by one week. Brooches and Jewels will remain available on the L2 Store until March 1. You can also pick up the newly-added Golden Crate that's only available until February 25.

Available Until February 25, 2017


Golden Crate – 400 NCoin (or 10 Hero Coin). Tradable. Has a chance of containing one of the following:


  • Dark Amaranthine Enhancement Stone
  • Bloody Amaranthine Enhancement Stone
  • Dark Eternal Enhancement Stone
  • Bloody Eternal Enhancement Stone
  • Kaliel's Energy - Desire
  • Kaliel's Energy - Hellfire
  • Kaliel's Energy - Annihilation
  • Blessed Giant's Lucky Enchant Stone: Weapon (R-grade)
  • Blessed Giant's Lucky Enchant Stone: Armor (R-grade)
  • Top-grade Life Stone (R-grade)
  • Giant's Energy
  • Energy of Destruction
  • Fire Crystal - Super
  • Water Crystal - Super
  • Wind Crystal - Super
  • Earth Crystal - Super
  • Holy Crystal - Super
  • Dark Crystal - Super
  • Gemstone (R-grade)


In addition, we've updated the L2 Galleria to include two new bundles available until March 1.

Bundle Bundle Contents NCoin Price HCoin Price Restrictions
Top-Grade Spirit Stone Pack Top-Grade Spirit Stone x5 270 n/a None
Top-Grade Spirit Stone: Accessory x5
Hero Coin x4
XP Rune III 200% Pack XP Rune III (Lv. 1-100+) 200% Pack (7-day) 2,240 (50% Discount!) n/a Limit 2 Per Account
Hero Coin x28


Be sure to get your Brooches, Jewels, crates, and bundles before they're gone!

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