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Weekend Flash Sale! July 8-11


Taking on Helios and his legion of merciless giants requires powerful tools in your arsenal. This weekend only you can supply yourself with items that'll help you take the fight to your foes on Dreadnaught Superion—and all across Aden—by picking up the Golden Crate!

Golden Crates will be available on the L2 Store Friday, July 8 until Monday, July 11. Don't miss out!


Available July 8–11, 2016


Golden Crate – 10 Hero Coin. Tradable. Has a chance of containing one of the following:


  • Dark Amaranthine Enhancement Stone
  • Bloody Amaranthine Enhancement Stone
  • Dark Eternal Enhancement Stone
  • Bloody Eternal Enhancement Stone
  • Kaliel's Energy - Desire
  • Kaliel's Energy - Hellfire
  • Kaliel's Energy - Annihilation
  • Blessed Giant's Lucky Enchant Stone: Weapon (R-grade)
  • Blessed Giant's Lucky Enchant Stone: Armor (R-grade)
  • Top-grade Life Stone (R-grade)
  • Giant's Energy
  • Energy of Destruction
  • Fire Crystal - Super
  • Water Crystal - Super
  • Wind Crystal - Super
  • Earth Crystal - Super
  • Holy Crystal - Super
  • Dark Crystal - Super
  • Gemstone (R-grade)


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