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Complimentary Halloween Gift Pack Now Available!


Ghostly Greetings!

We've updated the L2 Galleria to provide you with a haunting selection of spooktacular goodies, frightfully fit for the season. Enjoy this complimentary Halloween Gift Pack at no charge!

Be sure to grab yours right away though—this offer ends November 1!

L2 Galleria – Halloween Gift Pack

Item Name Qty
Halloween-store-update_1.png Halloween Scythe (Event) 1
Halloween-store-update_2.png Halloween Pumpkin Hat (Event) 1
Halloween-store-update_3.png Halloween Special Cookie (Event) 10
VitalityPack.jpg Shiny Mummy Mask Pack (7-day) Blessing of Halloween 1
VitalityPack.jpg Shiny Shriek Mask Pack (7-day) Blessing of Halloween 1
VitalityPack.jpg XP Rune III (Lv. 1-100+) 200% Pack (7-day) 1

*Halloween Gift Packs are limited to 1 per account.


But that's not all, boils and ghouls! If you'd like to get fully dressed to distress—just right to fright—for a limited time on the L2 Store we're giving you access to some creepy-cool, dreadfully delightful Halloween costumes and weapon appearances, as well as the bewitching broomstick mount.

No tricks here—these treats are within your grasp until November 1!

L2 Store – Halloween Bundles

Item Name NCoin Price
VitalityPack.jpg Halloween Cloak 80
Hero Coin x1
VitalityPack.jpg Halloween Outfit Appearance Stone (View Costumes) 400
Hero Coin x5
VitalityPack.jpg Halloween Weapon Appearance Stone (View Weapons) 200
Hero Coin x3
VitalityPack.jpg Halloween Broomstick Mount 80
Hero Coin x1


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