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Black Friday Sale


This Black Friday, get yourself moving with some great deals on mounts! For one day only, on Black Friday, November 27th we're adding mounts, soulstones, and potion pack bundles at deep discounts. 

Item NCoin
thumb_darkmane.jpg Darkmane Pacer Mount 1
thumb_lion.jpg Gold Maned Lion Mount 1
thumb_steambeetle.jpg Steam Beetle Mount 1
10thStore_present.jpg Jet Bike Mount 1
thumb_PrAnt.jpg Tame Princess Ant Mount 1
thumb_bbear.jpg Black Bear Mount 1
10thStore_present.jpg Unicorn Mount 1


50% Off Discounts NCoin
10thStore_present.jpg Girl's Soulstone (x10) - Soulstone that is consumed for a Weaver Agathion's special skill. 800
10thStore_present.jpg Vitality Maintaining Potion Pack (x10) - Wrapped Pack containing Vitality Maintaining Potion. 800
10thStore_present.jpg Rose Essence (x1000) - Rose energy extract that is needed to use the Rose Spirit's special skill. Note: 10 Rose Essence consumed per special skill use.  1,120

 All Black Friday items will be added to the L2 Store at 00:00 (server time) on November 27th and will be removed at 08:00 (server time) on November 29th.

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