Store Promos

  • Summer Swimsuit Spectacular

    Summer Swimsuit Spectacular

    Summer is heating up and it is time to pull out the swimsuits. Now as a permanent addition to the store, you can be ready for summer any time during the year. Also available but for a limited time... Read >

  • Introducing the Abundance Talisman

    Introducing the Abundance Talisman

    Defeating powerful monsters requires powerful items, and the Abundance Talisman is a new item that can help give you the edge. These mystical artifacts are already enchanted, but players will need to upgrade and craft if they want to... Read >

  • Weekend Flash Sale: May 15th to May 18th

    Weekend Flash Sale: May 15th to May 18th

    Greetings, adventurers! We have a flash sale this weekend in the L2 Store. For a limited time, pick up a Brooch Chest and/or Jewelry Box! Duration The sale lasts from the morning of May 15th (Friday) to the morning... Read >

  • Passion Treasure Chest Returns

    Passion Treasure Chest Returns

    The Passion Treasure Chest is back for a limited time. Open one of these Chests to receive a random reward. Passion Treasure Chest promotion ends on June 3, 2015. Passion Treasure Chest Passion Treasure Chest - (399 NCoin) - Double click to... Read >

  • 11th Anniversary Store Update

    11th Anniversary Store Update

    Weekly Promotions | Veteran Packs | Permanent Store Update To celebrate Lineage II's 11th Anniversary, we've got some great items coming to the L2 Store!  The Veteran Packs return, along with a host of other items.  As the event... Read >

  • Weekend Flash Sale: April 24th to April 27th

    Weekend Flash Sale: April 24th to April 27th

    Greetings, adventurers! There's a flash sale going on this weekend in the L2 Store!  These items will be in the L2 Store just this weekend, so make sure to check them out and take advantage of the sale while... Read >

  • Adenian Tattoos and Underwear

    Adenian Tattoos and Underwear

    Tattoos | Underwear | Augmentation | Other L2 Store Updates Coming to the L2 Store this week are some very special new items: Adenian Tattoos!  These tattoos function much like the Adenian Underwear, but also have exclusive skills possible... Read >

  • Store Update: March 18th, 2015

    Store Update: March 18th, 2015

    Available March 18th to April 1st, 2015 Silver Crate - 200 NCoin - Awards 3 Hero Coin.  Tradable.  Has a chance of obtaining one of the following:  Scroll of Blessing (R99-grade) Scroll of Blessing (R95-grade) Scroll of Blessing (R2-grade)... Read >

  • Valentine's Day Store Update

    Valentine's Day Store Update

    Brooch Items | Power of Love Items | Permanent L2 Store Additions The L2 Store update for February 11th brings back the La Vie en Rose brooches!  They're here for a limited time, as are the Power of Love... Read >

  • La Vie en Rose Brooch Sale

    La Vie en Rose Brooch Sale

    What is a Brooch? | What is a Jewel? | How to Get a Jewel | Jewel Compounding | Types of Jewels The much anticipated La Vie en Rose Brooches have returned...for a limited time!  As powerful as they are beautiful, these are no mere trinkets. Completely customizable... Read >