Store Promos

  • Potions in L2 Store™

    Potions in L2 Store™

    Potions In Lineage II, damage from enemies reduces a player’s HP (Health Points) and CP (Combat Points), and using skills or casting magic reduces a player’s MP (Mana Points). HP, CP, and MP are, in essence, different forms of... Read >

  • Vitality Items in L2 Store™

    Vitality Items in L2 Store™

    Vitality doubles the XP earned from killing monsters. With Vitality items, you can boost that effect event further!... Read >

  • Minion Coupons in L2 Store™

    Minion Coupons in L2 Store™

    Minion Coupons Minion Coupons are vouchers which can be exchanged for a special whistle at a Dimensional Merchant. With this special whistle, players can summon a minion to their aid. Minions provide buffs, and fight alongside their masters in... Read >

  • My Teleport

    My Teleport

    My Teleport Traverse the vast realm of Aden in the blink of an eye with the new My Teleport feature! This convenient feature allows players to place “bookmarks” at any location in the world of Aden using special Teleport... Read >

  • Holiday Store Items

    Holiday Store Items

    Now that you've had a chance to explore some of what Goddess of Destruction™ has to offer, we thought it was the perfect time to introduce some new items to the L2 Store™ and L2 Galleria™....just in time for... Read >

  • Destiny Pack Preview Promo

    Destiny Pack Preview Promo

    For the true masters of Lineage II, the Destiny Pack allows players to transcend their peers. This pack contains a treasure trove of support items, special bonuses, and a unique reward each month.   Receive Bonus Items by Purchasing... Read >