Store Promos

  • 10th Anniversary Store Update

    10th Anniversary Store Update

    In-Game Items | 10th Anniversary Pack | Veteran Packs To celebrate the momentous 10th Anniversary of Lineage II we're adding some amazing items to the L2 Store. Free gifts for longtime players will also be available in the L2 Store, the  Veteran Pack rewards... Read >

  • Introducing The New Brooch System

    Introducing The New Brooch System

    What is a Brooch? | What is a Jewel? | How to Get a Jewel | Jewel Compounding | Types of Jewels Brooch Items in the L2 Store The mystical La Vie en Rose Brooches have arrived in Aden. As powerful as they are beautiful, these are... Read >

  • Harness the Power of the Gods!

    Harness the Power of the Gods!

    Elemental Shirt Boxes | Shiny Elemental Shirt | Enchantment Rewards For a limited time, the famous Elemental Shirts will be available for purchase by mere mortals once more. But this time, there’s a new twist—a new shirt has been... Read >

  • Power of Love Store Update

    Power of Love Store Update

    Power of Love Specials | Pandora's Box  The Power of Love is sweeping through Aden so we've decided to make this even better by adding some lovely items to the L2 Store (in-game shop). Get into the loving spirit... Read >

  • Winter Holiday Store Update

    Winter Holiday Store Update

    Holiday Specials | Wintermelon Event Items We've got a lot of fantastic Holiday specials hitting the L2 Store today! Santa outfits, Holiday trees, Rocking Horse mount and much, much more. Come and check out the new additions that'll help... Read >

  • Valiance Store Update

    Valiance Store Update

    Fishing Master Pack | New Items Added | Item Changes Valiance L2 Store Changes We've made quite a few changes to the L2 Store for our Valiance update. New items have been added, existing items have been discounted, new... Read >

  • Cyber Monday Store Update

    Cyber Monday Store Update

    Make your private store the talk-of-the-town with the Part-time Seller ParaPara Cat transformation scrolls. Stand out amongst the sea of vendors with these cute cat transformations, available on December 2nd for 24 hours only! * All Cyber Monday items will be added... Read >

  • Black Friday Store Update

    Black Friday Store Update

    Wake up from a turkey-induced food coma on Friday to some great L2 Store savings! For one day only, on Black Friday, November 29th we're adding XP/SP bundles at 50% off the regular price. Spend this Thanksgiving weekend leveling... Read >

  • Thanksgiving Store Update

    Thanksgiving Store Update

    Eva's Rune Packs | S-Grade Weapon Enchant Pack Fan favorite items return to the L2 Store for the holidays. A variety of Eva's Rune packs and the S-Grade Weapon Enchant pack will be available from November 20th to December... Read >

  • Memorable Raid Box Store Update

    Memorable Raid Box Store Update

    Boss Pack | Raid Boxes | Box Rewards | Accessory Pack | Ale-Oween Special With the return of Darion, Beleth, Lilith and Anakim on the horizon we thought you ought to be prepared for the forces of destruction. How... Read >