Store Promos

  • Labor Day Flash Sale - September 4th to September 8th

    Greetings, adventurers! This weekend is the time to pick up some deals! Stand out from the crowd with the Part-Time Seller Pack which contains various transformation scrolls that will transform you into a ParaPara Cat while in private store/buy... Read >

  • Back to School Sale

    Back to School Sale

    It's that time of year again! Make sure your character is ready for the school year with these exclusive Appearance Stones. To complete the package, pick up some Valiant Scrolls and Lesser Giant's Lucky Enchant Stones to keep you... Read >

  • Weekend Flash Sale: July 24th to July 27th

    Weekend Flash Sale: July 24th to July 27th

    Greetings, adventurers! Looking for additional Brooch Chests or Abundance Boxes? Grab up these hot items this weekend only! Weekend Flash Sale items are available from July 24th to Monday morning July 27th, 2015. Available July 24th to July 27th,... Read >

  • L2 Galleria Update: July 22nd to August 5th

    L2 Galleria Update: July 22nd to August 5th

    Starting on July 22 and available until August 5, Soul Avatar Agathions are back in the L2 Galleria. Also, available as a special promotion, pick up the Warrior's Helment for free and Vitality Replenishing Potion for 1 NCoin. These... Read >

  • Pandora's Box Sale: July 17th to August 1st

    Pandora's Box Sale: July 17th to August 1st

    For the next two weeks, pick up the Pandora's Box from the L2 Store. From today, July 17th until August 1, 2015, open this box to receive one of its highly-sought after rewards! Limited Time Offer: July 17th to... Read >

  • Themis Enchant Cards Return!

    Themis Enchant Cards Return!

    Back for a limited time, supplement your enchantments with Themis Enchant Cards. The Cards will be here for a limited time to help you enchant your items!  We also have brand new permanent additions to the L2 Store.  ... Read >

  • Fourth of July Flash Sale

    Fourth of July Flash Sale

    For a limited time starting on July 2, stock up on these Vitality items while they are around. Flash Sale ends Monday morning, July 6, 2015. Vitality Items Vitality Bundle - 320 NCoin - Grants 5 Hero Coin (20%... Read >

  • Summer Swimsuit Spectacular

    Summer Swimsuit Spectacular

    Summer is heating up and it is time to pull out the swimsuits. Now as a permanent addition to the store, you can be ready for summer any time during the year. Also available but for a limited time... Read >

  • Introducing the Abundance Talisman

    Introducing the Abundance Talisman

    Defeating powerful monsters requires powerful items, and the Abundance Talisman is a new item that can help give you the edge. These mystical artifacts are already enchanted, but players will need to upgrade and craft if they want to... Read >

  • Weekend Flash Sale: May 15th to May 18th

    Weekend Flash Sale: May 15th to May 18th

    Greetings, adventurers! We have a flash sale this weekend in the L2 Store. For a limited time, pick up a Brooch Chest and/or Jewelry Box! Duration The sale lasts from the morning of May 15th (Friday) to the morning... Read >