Server Maintenance, Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

All game servers will be down for maintenance on Wednesday, March 19th, 2014, at 5am PST / 7am CST / 8am EST / 1pm UTC/GMT. Estimated downtime is approximately 4 hours.

With this maintenance:


  • Master Yogi, the legendary master of enchantment returns from March 19th to April 9th.
    • More information on the event will be available after the maintenance. 
  • Shiny Elemental Shirt rewards will be available after the maintenance.
    • Healing Melody skill icon will now only appear available for use when character MP has regenerated to at least 582
    • Red horns hair accessory item can now have appearance changed when using appearance stone.
    • Red Horns hair accessory item has been changed so that M Def bonus applied when enchanted.
    • Some classes' text was cutoff on the character creation class trees; text formatting was adjusted to fix this.
    • Assimilation and Bike Ability skills are now removed when cancelling Dragon Bomber and Air Bike transformations.
    • Red-eyed Invaders quest will no longer reward Corroded items.
    • Issue where Marked character’s token symbol would flicker when receiving buffs has been fixed.
    • Issue where Marked character’s buffs information would reset when selecting a mark has been fixed.
    • Intact Stakato Shell and Giant’s Alphabet quest item descriptions updated to the match their respective Quest NPC.
    • Issue where crystallization warning appeared when using Blessed Lucky Enchant Stone has been fixed.
    • Issue where character name would not be restored after dropping Demonic Sword Zariche or Blood Sword Akamanah.
    • Issue where Beauty Shop tickets needed at the Beauty Shop could show as negative has been fixed.
    • Issue where character receiving 0 Run Speed from Jump Attack debuff and could not use skills has been fixed.
    • Mysterious Butler NPC Ceremony of Chaos text updated to include Thursday again.
    • Talking island Gatekeeper teleport location text changed from “Tomb of Souls” to “Reliquary of the Giants”.
    • R-Grade Robe +6~+8 enchant set formatting is fixed.
    • Ron's Authority active buff description text changed from “M. Def” to “Magic Resistance” to match the skill functionality.
    • Ron's Authority item skill description text changed from “M. Def” to “Magic Resistance” to match the skill functionality.
    • Item preview message box text changed from “5 seconds” to “10 seconds”.
    • Melee Reflect skill description text changed from “Melee Damage” to “Physical Skill Damage” to match the skill functionality.
    • Adventurer Guildsman NPC text now matches the reward items which can be exchange for the following Adventurer's Mark items:
      • Adventurer's Mark – Loyalty
      • Adventurer's Mark – Pledge
      • Adventurer's Mark - Sincerity
    • When selecting Human First Class at High Priest Franco, classes detail page for Warrior and Rogue have been exchanged.
    • Feather of Blessing  item description updated, “Can be exchanged, dropped or destroyed.”
    • Mysterious Blessed Spiritshot (R-grade) item description updated, “Cannot be exchanged, dropped, or sold. Can be stored in a private warehouse. Can be shared between characters within the same account through the Dimensional Merchant.”
    • Mysterious Blessed Spiritshot Pack (10000) (S-grade) item description updated, “Can be shared between characters within the same account through the Dimensional Merchant.”
    • NPC Mermoden text updated for Dimensional Siege teleporting timeframe (18:00 to 22:00).
    • Rare Accessory Pack (Expiratory) Event item description edited, “or” changed to “and”.
    • Clan Reputation Points change system message text change from “Your clan lost -## point(s) of Clan Reputation.” to “Clan Reputation changed by -## point(s).”
    • Drum Melody Lv. 3 skill description updated from “Speed - 10%.” To “Speed - 5%.” to match the skill functionality.
    • Ron’s introduction message in Fortuna Instance updated from “Trone” to “Ron”.
    • Auctioneer NPC Provisional Clan Hall text changed from “12:01 am on Saturday and 8:55 pm on Sunday” to “00:01 Saturday and 20:55 Sunday.”
    • Provisional clan Hall Gatekeeper text changed from “between 00:01am Saturday and 20:55 Sunday.” to “between 00:01 Saturday and 20:55 Sunday.”
    • Equipped Lv3 Ancient CON symbol description changed from “Con+4 Str-2 Resistance to Darkness+15” to “Con+5 Str-4 Resistance to Darkness+15”
    • When selecting Human Warrior Second Class at Grand Master Reins, classes detail page for Warlord changed from “melee attacker - ranged attack” to “melee attacker - area of effect attack”
    • When selecting Orc Mystic Second Class at High Prefect Drikus, classes detail page for Overlord and Warcryer have been exchanged.
    • Olympiad system chat changed from 50 battles to 30 Battles to match the system functionality.
    • Superior Mana Steal skill description changed from “with a dagger, dualsword, or dual blunt weapon.” to “with a sword, blunt, dualsword, or dual blunt weapon” to match the skill functionality.
    • Dynastic Essence II item description updated from “Item that can modify Dynasty Tunic.” To “Item that can be used to upgrade Dynasty Chest Armors.” to match the item functionality.
    • Spacing formatting adjusted for when “thousand” text appears in shops and auctions.
    • Grammar edit in Ability Point display. “You catch convert” Changed to “You can convert”. 

All website login, account management functions, and NCoin purchase functions will be unavailable during this time as well. Estimated downtime for the website is approximately 4 hours.

If you have any questions about the changes taking place during tomorrow's maintenance, please feel free to post them on the Lineage II forum.

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