Server Maintenance - September 12, 2012

All game servers and the L2 Galleria will be down for maintenance on Wednesday, September 12, 2012, at 5am PDT / 7am CDT / 8am EDT / 12pm UTC/GMT. Estimated downtime is approximately 4 hours.

With this maintenance:
  • The Battle of Blood event ends, concluding the Summer Warfare event series. The Battle of Blood winners who completed the fastest Tauti raid receive their reward item(s) in their character's warehouse. Every player who successfully completed a Tauti Raid in a command channel will also receive a 100,000 Individual Fame Scroll.
  • The Cursed Swords GM Event begins. Check the event page for more information. During the event period, the following server settings are in place:
    • No XP loss upon death.
    • Free teleports from all conventional Gatekeepers in major towns.
  • Players that were unable to log in due to the Raid Boss buff from 9/5 before the rollback will be able to login after the maintenance.
  • The adored NPC Angel Cat is being added to the game for one week, from September 12 to September 19, to give players a great useful buff item. The item lasts 30 days and you can consume it when you like in that time.
    • Angel Cat’s Blessing: For 60 minutes, increases M. Atk. by 20%, P. Atk., P. Def., M. Def., Atk. Spd., Casting Speed, and Max HP and MP by 5%, and XP and SP gained through hunting by 30%.
    • Players can obtain one of these items per game account per day. On September 12, Angel Cat will appear on servers after the maintenance ends. On all days after that, he will re-spawn with a reset item-giveaway timer at 12:00 (noon) PDT. He will leave the game with the maintenance on the morning of September 19.
  • The limited time store offer for Maphr's Rune 100% and 200% ends. The Rune of SP 100% and 200% are added to the store for one week. This item will be available in the L2 Store only.
  • Underwear visuals have been added. Upon login, characters will have all their armor automatically unequipped.
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