Server Maintenance - August 8, 2012

All game servers and the L2 Galleria will be down for maintenance on Wednesday, August 8, 2012, at 5am PDT / 7am CDT / 8am EDT / 12pm UTC/GMT. Estimated downtime is approximately 4 hours.

With this maintenance:

  • The Summer Squash event enters its final stage: event items no longer drop from monsters. All other event functions continue. Please be sure to use all your event items, and open your Squash jewelry boxes before the maintenance next week, on August 15, 2012.
  • The Summer Warfare events continue! Going on now is the Battle of Chaos: participate in the Ceremony of Chaos during the event period for a participation prize, and more.
  • The L2 Galleria and L2 Store get a store update! Stay tuned tomorrow for the full details on the new items. When this maintenance begins, Armor Seal Scrolls (R-grade and higher), Weapon Seal Scrolls (R-grade and higher), and the Summer Pack cease to be available for purchase.
  • The following bug fixes were applied:
    • Fixed the incorrect rewards for the Liberating the Spirits quest.
    • Fixed the issue in which mana consumption would not decrease and damage would increase if the Sigel Knight’s Shield Charge skill was enchanted for mana cost.
    • Fixed the issue in which the Break Duress skill would be unable to cancel the Entangle skill.
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