Server Maintenance - August 15, 2012

All game servers will be down for maintenance on Wednesday, August 15, 2012, at 5am PDT / 7am CDT / 8am EDT / 12pm UTC/GMT. Estimated downtime is approximately 4 hours.

With this maintenance:

  • The Summer Squash event ends. Please be sure to use up all your event items, and open your Squash jewelry boxes before this maintenance begins. The time-limited jewelry inside the jewelry boxes will not be removed, as it will expire on its own timer. With this maintenance, the Puss the Cat NPC and the following event items will be removed from the game:
    • Nectar
    • Squash Seed
    • Large Squash Seed
    • Cloned Squash Seed
    • Cloned Large Squash Seed
    • Squash Accessory Box
    • Squash Necklace Box
    • Squash Earring Box
    • Squash Ring Box
  • The Summer Warfare event shifts gears and delivers prizes!
    • The Battle of Chaos Participation Prize winners and 50 Luck Bonus Scroll winners receive their reward item(s) in their character's warehouse.
      • How do I know if I'm a Lucky Bonus Scroll winner? If you participated in the Battle of Chaos event, your character is eligible for the random selection. Check your warehouse after the maintenance and see if you won a 100,000 Individual Fame Scroll!
    • The Battle of Chaos event ends. Mysterious Butler prices return to normal.
    • The Battle of Darkness event begins (when the bonus campaign rounds occur, on different times and days per castle and server). Check the updated Summer Warfare event page for new information about this event, including a list of the prizes and bonus campaign times!
  • New functionality is being added to make Power Shirts into dimensional items! (This refers to the shirt item from the March 2012 store promo.) A new dialogue link has been added to the Dimensional Merchant which allows a character to "Seal" their Power Shirt, and then share the Sealed Power Shirt via the Dimensional Merchant to another character on the same server and same account. After the shirt is "Unsealed" by the recipient character, its name is changed to "Exchanged Power Shirt." The exchange can only happen once: an Exchanged Power Shirt cannot use the Seal/Unseal Power Shirt function in the Dimensional Merchant dialogue window.
    • Sealing and Unsealing for Power Shirts is only possible through the Dimensional Merchant dialogue link. Seal Scroll items do not apply.
    • The Seal/Unseal Power Shirt functionality does not work for any other items. (Elemental Shirts cannot be sealed, unsealed, or shared at this time.)
  • Due to recent issues, various tweaks have been made to improve server stability. We continue to monitor the situation in order to fix any further issues that arise.
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