Server Maintenance - July 12, 2012

All game servers, the Lineage II and L2 Galleria websites, and account management functions will be down for maintenance on Thursday, July 12, 2012, at 2:40am PDT / 4:40am CDT / 5:40am EDT / 9:40am UTC/GMT. Estimated downtime is approximately 7 hours for the game servers, and 11 hours for the websites and account management functions.

With this maintenance:

  • NC Account, the new account management system, is introduced. This change is the reason for the extensive maintenance time frame. Learn about the NC Account system, and discuss it on the forums.
  • The Birth of Draco event ends and all event-related items are removed from the game. Visit the event page for a full list of items to be removed.
  • Continued from Wednesday, July 11, the Angel Cat NPC is in-game, and Gatekeepers offer free teleports for this week, until the maintenance of July 18. This is as thanks to our players and as compensation for the recent server crash issues that are now resolved.
  • In additional appreciation for our players, weapon augmentation removal is free of charge (1 Adena) for two weeks, until July 25! Enjoy!
  • The L2 Store and L2 Galleria get new items! The Exploration Packs also have new bonus items. *Update* The full list and details of new store items is now live.
  • The following bug fixes and patches have been implemented:
    • The Blessing of Noblesse skill level has been adjusted so that it cannot be easily cancelled.
    • Wynn Summoners can no longer summon party members with the Summon Team Mate skill in the Prison of Darkness instance.
    • Fixed an issue in which a certain skill would activate if a character who had done their 4th class transfer used the Earth Wyrm teleportation skill as a macro.
    • Fixed the issue in which the Attribute Change Crystal (R-Grade) item was unable to change the attributes of certain items.
    • Mentee an Mentor buffs applied upon the Mentee’s graduation at level 86 now cancel upon logout as designed.
    • Fixed the issue in which you would be transported immediately to the castle siege grounds after a party duel if the duel was started just before the start of the castle siege.
    • Fixed the issue in which you could enter an instanced zone with one level of difference from your character level if you were on a Dual Class or Subclass.
    • Fixed the issue in which the players would receive system messages saying the pet was resisting the buff if you used an Agathion buff.
    • Diachir’s dialogue for the Nightmare of Dwarves and Lucien’s Altar quests is now correct.
    • The Liberating the Spirits quest reward list now displays the correct information in the Quest window.
    • It is no longer possible to skip over stages in the Earth Wyrm raid fight by using the Bless the Body skill on Earth Wyrm Trasken.

As explained in yesterday’s announcement, Vitality will not be refilled with this maintenance because it was already refilled on Wednesday at 6:30am server time. The weekly Vitality refills now happen without required server downtime; they will always occur at 6:30am server time on Wednesdays.

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