Server Maintenance - October 31, 2012

All game servers and the account management functions will be down for maintenance on Wednesday, October 31, 2012, at 5am PDT / 7am CDT / 8am EDT / 12pm UTC/GMT. Estimated downtime is approximately 4 hours for the game servers.

With this maintenance:

  • The Memorable Raid Boss Event begins! Read more info here.
  • The Halloween Pack and other Halloween-related items will be removed from the L2 Store and L2 Galleria on 11/01.
  • Happy Halloween! The Special Halloween Event starts!
    • Pumpkins (“Norhand”) will spawn in the following towns at regular intervals after the maintenance until midnight PDT:
      • Talking Island Village, Gludin, Gludio, Dion, Giran, Heine, Oren, Aden, Goddard, and Rune.
    • Defeat them to earn many rewards:
      • Adena
      • Vesper Transformation Herbs
      • Attribute Stone or Crystals
      • Gemstones A- through R-Grade
      • Soulshot/Blessed Spiritshots
      • Armor or Weapon Enchant Scrolls
      • Giant’s Energy
      • Halloween Cookies
      • And much more!
    • They will have extremely high P. def and M. def, so grouping is recommended. If you are in a party, make sure the loot settings are correctly set up so that you can receive loot.
  • The Zombie Attack! event has been postponed to a later date.
  • Fixed the critical error crash issue in which clients of players near a character wearing an Eyepatch would crash.
  • Party and clan buffs will no longer be applied when you are transformed as the Block Checker in the Block Checker game on Fantasy Isle.
  • Sealed items will no longer drop from raid bosses.
  • Olympiad participation request can be made only up until the last 20 minutes of the game.
  • Fixed the occasionally incorrect calculation of individual request points at the clan request manager.
  • Fixed the issue in which new character creation would sometimes result in hairstyle A if D is designated.
  • Fixed a suspected cause to what was making it impossible to gather from Seed Energy.
  • The option.ini file has been fixed to now properly display NPC HP gauges.
  • Gameguard is being updated to support Windows 8. If you are still experiencing errors running the Lineage II client with Windows 8, please contact customer support.
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