Server Maintenance - January 18, 2012

All servers will be down for maintenance on Wednesday, January 18, 2012, at 5am PST / 7am CST / 8am EST / 1pm UTC/GMT (see other time zones). Estimated downtime is approximately 7 hours.

*Update* The maintenance is being extended by one hour due to technical issues and crashes on the servers.

*Update 2* Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are currently having emergency maintenance to correct the server crashes and technical issues. We apologize for the inconvenience!

With this maintenance:

  • As announced previously, the Bartz server's time zone setting changes from GMT-6 (Central Time USA) to GMT-5 (Eastern Time USA). Henceforth, all scheduled system activities (such as Castle Sieges, daily quest reset times, instanced zone re-enter times, etc.) will begin one hour later than previously.
  • On Chronos and Naia, the Tersi's Light event ends. Tersi's Light Agathions, Fragments of Light and Specters of Light are removed from the game. All rewards remain in the game.
  • On Shilen, Magmeld and Bartz, Tersi's Light Agathions are removed from the game, the Priest of Blessing no longer gives Tersi's Light Agathions, and the Tersi's Light event enters its final stage in which Fragments of Light no longer drop from monsters. Remaining Specters of Light and Fragments of Light may still be used. Remember, Specters of Light may still evolve even if no Fragments of Light are pushed into it; rewards can be obtained from the Specter of Light without using the agathion.
  • A possible fix to the server lag issues is being implemented. The servers will be closely monitored upon being opened to the public to confirm the fix.
  • The first batch of Free Server Transfers to Magmeld is processed.
  • The in-game Community Boards are re-opened to the public. The Community Boards can be found on the homepage of the Community window (Alt+B) and function as a sort of forum for players to communicate with each other. Read more about the Community Boards here.
  • On Shilen, Magmeld and Bartz, the 2-slot character restriction is removed. Players may now create up to 7 characters per server per account.
  • The Pando Media Booster program has been added to the Lineage II installation. This is a safe program that greatly improves download speeds from the NCsoft Launcher to players' Lineage II installations on computers around the world. Pando is a mandatory part of the Lineage II installation.
  • *New* All Soulshot and Blessed Spiritshot Packs (found in the Exploration Packs) have been changed from tradable to non-tradable, as it was observed in past weeks that these items were popular among RMT traders (who were subsequently banned). It is also for this reason that it was not possible to release this information beforehand.
  • To ameliorate the issue of RMT/Adena spam in-game, chat restrictions have been applied to the game. The chat channels "All," "Shout," and "Trade" are now restricted to characters level 20 or higher. "Whisper" is possible but a future maintenance should make it so that it is only possible in reply form. This change is meant to be temporary and it may be altered or removed in the future.
  • Bug fix: If your character has a Melody or Saha buff in place, your pet will no longer repeatedly cast its buffs on you.
  • Bug fix: When a character Awakens as an Aeore Healer or a Wynn Summoner, the Light Armor Mastery skill is now deleted. This is to prevent players from retaining the overpowered fast casting speed and to encourage them to move on to the Awakened skill, Superior Armor Mastery, as was intended by game design.

Please note that the account management functions will also be down for a brief maintenance on Wednesday, January 18, 2012, at 8:30am PST / 10:30am CST / 11:30am EST / 4:30pm UTC/GMT (see other time zones). Estimated downtime is approximately 30 minutes.

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