Server and Website Maintenance - January 11, 2012

All game servers and parts of the Lineage II website and forums will be down for maintenance on Wednesday, January 11, 2012, at 5am PST / 7am CST / 8am EST / 1pm UTC/GMT (see other time zones). Estimated downtime is approximately 4 hours for the game servers, and 5 hours for the other services.

With this maintenance:

  • The Save the Holiday Trees event ends. All event NPCs and event items, including Santa Girl's Gift Boxes, will be removed from the game. All rewards from the event will remain in the game. Please be sure to open any remaining Santa Girl's Gift Boxes before this maintenance begins.
  • The Tersi's Light event continues, with some changes in schedule. On Chronos and Naia, the event enters its final stage in which Fragments of Light no longer drop. On Shilen, Magmeld, and Bartz the event's main period continues. See the Tersi's Light event page for more details.
  • The L2 Galleria receives an update with various new items which will be announced tomorrow.

Please note that, due to the L2 Galleria update, the Lineage II website's login prompt will be disabled during the maintenance. This login prompt applies to the L2 Galleria, the Path to Awakening, and the official forums. During this time the forums will be readable but users may not login to post.

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