Emergency Maintenance - September 5, 2012

All game servers will be down for emergency maintenance on Wednesday, September 5, 2012, at 3pm PDT / 5pm CDT / 7pm EDT / 10pm UTC/GMT. Estimated downtime is approximately 1 hour.

With this maintenance:

  • The servers will be rolled back to the game version from before today's regular server maintenance, in order to remove the unannounced game-changing patches that were included.
    • For the rollback to take effect, be sure to update your Lineage II game client through the NCsoft Launcher.
    • This rollback is for game files only; it will not affect your character. You will not lose any XP or other progress made between today's regular maintenance and this emergency maintenance.
    • As today's unannounced game changes also included various bugs to instance zones, the rollback maintenance should fix these issues.
  • As compensation for the inconveniences that the unannounced game changes, instance bugs, and the rollback emergency maintenance have caused, all players' Vitality is refilled to 100%.

For reference, a list of the unannounced game changes can be found here. Know that these changes were originally intended for a later maintenance, thus they will likely be added to the game in the future, however details as to when, and deeper explanations about the changes, are currently unavailable.

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