Vote: Server Time on Chronos, Naia, Shilen or Magmeld


As you know, for the first time ever, players voted on the Castle Siege time for a new server, Bartz. Because of Lineage II's ever-growing global population, we now extend the vote to all other servers, but with additional effects. Cast your vote and help decide on your main server's server-time!


What Does this Poll Decide?

This poll asks you what time you want Castle Sieges to occur on your main server (what time is convenient for you), and the winning time will affect the server's entire time zone setting. All scheduled events on a server follow a synchronized calendar. By changing the Castle Siege time, the rest of the timers on the server, such as Territory Wars and daily quest reset times, are changed to match the new schedule.

  • Chronos and Shilen: Next Castle Sieges are on January 15, 2012.
  • Naia and Magmeld: Next Castle Sieges are on January 22, 2012.

This chart shows popular scheduled server events and timers. In this chart, 0:00 is midnight in whatever time zone the server is set to. By using this chart, you can see what times everything on your server will be according to what Castle Siege time your server votes on.

Note that, although this chart covers one week, not all of the game systems listed occur weekly. This is simply an example of what days some things occur on, and at what time.


Game Systems Affected by Server Time

Time Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

0:00 - 1:59


2:00 - 3:59


4:00 - 5:59


6:00 - 7:59

6:30 Instanced Zone Reset

7:00 - 8:59


10:00 - 11:59


12:00 - 13:59


14:00 - 15:59


16:00 - 17:59

First Castle Siege 17:00 Aden Auctioneer   17:00 Rune Auctioneer   17:00 Giran Auctioneer  

18:00 - 19:59

          19:00 Rainbow Springs  

20:00 - 21:59

Second Castle Siege         20:00 Siegeable Clan Halls Territory Wars
21:00 Provisional Clan Halls

22:00 - 23:59



Current Server Times

Your server time is based on the time zone your server is set to. If the server is set to GMT+1, the server's midnight will be at the same time that it is midnight in the GMT+1 part of the world.

Currently, Naia is in the GMT+1 time zone, and all other servers are in the GMT-6 time zone. This knowledge can help you choose what new server time to vote on. For example, if you live in the GMT-6 zone on Chronos and you like what the current schedule is on your server, then vote on the same times in the poll.


Who Can Vote and When?

The Siege Times Poll is open for voting for two weeks, from 7pm on January 12 to 7pm on January 26, 2012 (PST).

Each game account may vote only once in the poll, not once per server. Therefore, be certain to vote on your main server only. To be eligible to vote, you must have a character that is level 20 or higher on the server you wish to vote for.

Players that previously voted in the Bartz Poll may also vote in this poll.


How Do I Submit My Vote?

Read the full list of instructions below before going to the poll page.

  1. Click on Vote Now below to go to the Server Times Poll page.
  2. Select your server and time zone from the drop-down menus on the page. Time zones can be confusing, so please be careful to choose the correct time zone before voting.
  3. On the Server Times Poll page, click the blue Vote Now button.
    • If you are not already logged in on the Lineage II website or forums, you will have to login here. Log in using your Lineage II game account name and password (the same login info you use to log in to the game).
  4. Look at the numbers on the chart. The numbers 1 through 24 are the different hours in the day. For example, 19:00 is seven o'clock at night, and 0:00 is midnight.
  5. Mouseover the block of hours that are the best time for you to play Castle Sieges on the server you chose. Click to select them. Remember, the time you choose for Castle Sieges will affect all other scheduled server events, as shown in the chart above.
    • If not eligible to vote, you will see a message telling you why you cannot vote.
  6. You will see a confirmation prompt asking you if you are certain of your selection. If you are, click Vote again.
  7. Once you have voted, you will see a message saying that your vote was successfully cast. You cannot change your vote after it is cast.



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