The Legendary Card Event Returns


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The Legendary Card Master Snake has returned to town after he lost his legendary cards again.  Help Snake find his collection of rare legendary cards to receive amazing rewards!



June 4 - June 18th - The main event period.  Legendary Cards and Legendary Pouches drop from monsters.  Snake the Card Master is in town and offers rewards in exchange for turning in different sets of legendary cards.

June 18 - June 25th - Legendary Cards and Legendary Pouches no longer drop from monsters.  Pre-accumulated cards can still be used and turned in to Snake for rewards.

June 25th - Snake leaves the game and the following event items will be deleted:

  • Legendary Card Pouch: Undead
  • Legendary Card Pouch: Monster
  • Legendary Card Pouch: Demon
  • Legendary Card Pouch: Orc
  • Legendary Card Pouch: Lucky Pouch
  • Legendary Card: Land of Chaos
  • Legendary Card: Sea of Spores
  • Legendary Card: Imperial Tomb
  • Legendary Card: Pagan Temple
  • Legendary Card: Fairy Settlement
  • Legendary Card: Seed of Hellfire
  • Legendary Card: Ketra Orc Outpost
  • Legendary Card: Raider’s Crossroads
  • Legendary Card: Guillotine Fortress
  • Legendary Card: Prison of Darkness
  • Legendary Card: Seed of Annihilation
  • Legendary Card: Hellbound
  • Destruction’s Shadow (Buff Item)
  • Evolving Darkness (Buff Item)
  • Sliver of Truth (Buff Item)
  • Chaotic Ambush (Buff Item)

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Kill monsters for a chance to receive pouches containing Legendary Cards.  There are 4 kinds of pouches that drop: Monster, Demon, Undead, and Orc.

Legendary Pouch: Monster - Double-click to obtain either Seed of Annihilation, Sea of Spores, or Land of Chaos Cards.

Legendary Pouch: Demon - Double-click to obtain either Seed of Hellfire or Prison of Darkness cards.

Legendary Pouch: Undead - Double-click to obtain either Guillotine Fortress, Pagan Temple, or Imperial Tomb cards.

Legendary Pouch: Orc - Double-click to obtain either Ketra Orc Outpost or Raider's Crossroads cards.


The Fairy Settlement card will drop from monsters as well.  Twenty Fairy Settlement cards can be used to trade with Snake to receive a Legendary Lucky Pouch.  Fairy Settlement cards can be purchased from the L2 Store as well.


Legendary Card pouches and Fairy Settlement cards will not drop from a monster that is 9 or more levels lower (dark blue) than the character that kills it.


Assemble Your Cards


If you use the Legendary Card Pouch you acquired, you can receive a random Legendary Card.  Combine them to collect the following sets: Destruction's Shadow, Evolving Darkness, Sliver of Truth, and Chaotic Ambush.



Card Sets


Destruction's Shadow - Imperial Tomb, Sea of Spores, Raider's Crossroads, Seed of Hellfire, and Hellbound.

Evolving Darkness - Imperial Tomb, Guillotine Fortress, and Seed of Annihilation

Sliver of Truth - Sea of Spores, Ketra Orc Outpost, and Prison of Darkness

Chaotic Ambush - Land of Chaos, Pagan Temple, and Raider's Crossroads


Bring these cards to Snake the Card Master in town to obtain rewards.  Legendary Card: Hellbound can only be acquired through Snake's Daily Card Giveaway, the Legendary Card: Lucky Pouch, or Snake's Blessing Buff.



Snake's Blessing Buff


Snake’s Blessing buff increases in level every hour.

During the event, level 85 or higher characters can get Snake’s Blessing buff from Snake the Card Master. There are 23 levels to the buff, and it will stay for 23 hours. While you have the buff, players can get 1 random Legendary Card each hour, from which they might even get a Hellbound card.

Snake’s Blessing increases in level every hour, and one random Legendary Card is sent to the inventory. If the buff disappears, you can get it again from the Snake the Card Master NPC. If you are dead when you receive the Legendary Card, you will get both Snake’s Blessing and the Legendary Card.

If your character is dead when the buff effect wears off, you won't be able to get the reward and the buff skill for the next level.

In order to receive the random cards from Snake’s Blessing, you need at least 10 empty slots in your inventory and less than 80% weight.


Lucky Pouches


Get a pouch that has a random chance to receive a Legendary Card. Legendary Card: Lucky Pouches that randomly reward rare cards, including the Legendary Card: Hellbound, which is used in combining the Destruction’s Shadow deck. You can obtain up to 4 cards from the Lucky Pouch, but could also get nothing at all.



Snake's Daily Card Giveaway


During the event, Snake will generously give away 1 FREE Legendary Card daily (resets at 6:30 AM server time). Only characters that are Level 85 or higher can claim the FREE Legendary Card. There is a small chance to also receive the rare Legendary Card: Hellbound.


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When you turn in a deck, you will obtain the corresponding deck buff item and a reward item. The buff item has a 100% acquisition rate, but the item reward acquisition is random.

Buff: Destruction’s Shadow – Element Attribute Atk. +50 and Element Attribute Def+50 for 30 Minutes. 
Buff: Evolving Darkness – Element Attribute Atk. +50 for 30 Minutes. 
Buff: Sliver of Truth – Element Attribute Def+50 for 30 Minutes. 
Buff: Chaotic Ambush – Element Attribute Atk. +30 and Element Attribute Def+30 for 30 Minutes. 

These buffs are deleted after the event.

Destruction's Shadow Deck
Dark Amaranthine Enhancement Stone
Bloody Amaranthine Enhancement Stone
Tauti’s Ring
Tauti’s Fragment
Amaranthine Weapon Craft Pack
Eternal Armor Craft Pack
Lv. 5 Giant/Ancient/Legendary Dye
Recipe: Scroll of Blessing: Weapon/Armor (R95/R99-Grade)
Scroll of Blessing Scraps: Weapon/Armor (R95/R99-Grade)
Sealed Demonic Tome x2
Destruction’s Shadow (Buff Item)


Evolving Darkness Deck
Istina’s Ring
Istina’s Earring
Istina’s Necklace
Seraph Armor Craft Pack
Requiem Weapon Craft Pack
Immortal Armor Craft Pack
Scroll: Modify Weapon R-Grade
Scroll: Modify Armor R-Grade
Life Stone: Hair Accessory
Scroll: Enchant Hair Accessory
Accessory Gem (Mid-grade)
Blessed Scroll of Resurrection
Evolving Darkness (Buff Item)


Sliver of Truth Deck
Bottle of Orfen’s Soul
Orfen’s Earring
Apocalypse Weapon Craft Pack
Twilight Armor Craft Pack
Durandil Wire 
Orichalcum Wire 
Adamantite Wire 
Weapon Fragment Lv. 3/4/5
Sliver of Truth (Buff Item)


Chaotic Ambush Deck
Dark Eternal Enhancement Stone
Bloody Eternal Enhancement Stone
Pagan Devil Circlet (M. Atk. +10% OR P. Atk. + 5%)
Specter Weapon Craft Pack
Gemstone (R-Grade)
Chaotic Ambush (Buff Item)

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