The Hungry Horse Event


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August 27 to September 10, 2014:

The main event period!  The Galup NPC is in villages and level 85+ hunting zones.  Carrots will drop from monsters.

September 10 to September 17, 2014:

The Galup NPC remains in-game.  Carrots no longer drop from monsters.

September 17, 2014:

The Galup NPC leaves the game and the following event-related items are deleted:

  • Carrots
  • Carrot Pouch
  • Galup's Gift Pouch

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Collecting Carrots

Monsters in all hunting zones will drop Carrots.  In addition, carrots can also be purchased from the L2 Store.

When characters that are Awakened (or have completed their 3rd Liberation) hunt monsters in appropriate hunting zones, Carrots will drop from monsters.  If Awakened/Liberated characters hunt monsters in lower-level zones for non-Awakened characters, no Carrots will drop for them.


Galup's Surprise Appearance

A Hungry Galup will only appear at a set rate in hunting zones that are 85 or higher. Double-click on Carrots to feed him!

If you give Hungry Galup 7 Carrots, you will receive a reward.

After he eats a set number of Carrots, Hungry Galup will disappear and drop Galup's Gift Pouch.  This will give you a Horse Power buff and a Carrot Pouch that can be used to obtain multiple Carrots.

The Horse Power buff increases moving speed by 100 and lasts 5 minutes.  It cannot be stacked, but will not be deleted when entering an instanced zone.


Exchange Carrots

Collect Carrots from hunting zones and take them to the Event NPC Galup in any of the villages to exchange them for Galup's Special Luck Pouch.


  Exchange Item Carrots
specialpouch.jpg Galup's Special Luck Pouch 40

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Please keep in mind that rewards can only be received when the inventory weight/quantity is less than 80% full.

You can go to the Event NPC Galup in any of the villages to exchange 40 Carrots for Galup's Special Luck Pouch, which will then give you one of the following items:

Type Item
Rare Items
  • Raid Boss' Soul Pack
  • Bottle of Antharas' Soul
  • Bottle of Valakas' Soul
Soul Bottle Fragments
  • Bottle Fragment of Antharas' Soul
  • Bottle Fragment of Baium's Soul
  • Bottle Fragment of Freya's Soul
  • Bottle Fragment of Frintezza's Soul
  • Bottle Fragment of Orfen's Soul
  • Bottle Fragment of Queen Ant's Soul
  • Bottle Fragment of Valakas' Soul
  • Lv1 Windy LCK Symbol (Luc+1)
  • Lv2 Windy LCK Symbol (Luc+2)
  • Lv3 Windy LCK Symbol (Luc+3)
  • Lv4 Windy LCK Symbol (Luc+4)
  • Lv5 Windy LCK Symbol (Luc+5)
  • Lv1 Windy CHA Symbol (Cha+1)
  • Lv2 Windy CHA Symbol (Cha+2)
  • Lv3 Windy CHA Symbol (Cha+3)
  • Lv4 Windy CHA Symbol (Cha+4)
  • Lv5 Windy CHA Symbol (Cha+5)
  • Blessed Scroll of Escape
  • Blessed Scroll of Resurrection
  • Elcyum Powder
  • Secret Ancient Tome Fragment
  • Rune Stone
  • Agathion - Pegasus Pack
  • Mount - Unicorn
  • Unicorn Horn Circlet

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