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Search for 10th Anniversary Items!


Hunt monsters around your level to get event items!

The monsters in Aden will drop a special 10th Anniversary Item during the event. This item can then be exchanged for other items that are needed for the 3 Nostalgic Events. Also, the Secret Fragment 6 that can be obtained randomly through various events can be exchanged for the 10th Anniversary Blessing. 




If you are lucky, you might get all 8 Memory Fragments!  Talk to the Chaotic Chronicle at any of the town event pedestals. You can exchange 50 10th Anniversary Items to randomly get 1 of the 8 Memory Fragments. You might get all 8 fragments if you are really lucky, so keep that in mind!

The Memory Fragments can be checked in the rewards tab from the 10th Anniversary Event window. When you get all 8 fragments, you will get an Ingredients Pack needed to craft an item above R-grade. The Memory Fragments left over after receving the rewards can be exchanged for 10th Anniversary Items from Chaotic Chronicle, so keep that in mind.


Memory Fragment Event Rewards

Memory Fragment Rewards (Get One Randomly)
Memory Fragment: Harbingers of War

Designer Eternal Armor Pack

Designer Seraph Armor Pack

Designer Twilight Armor Pack

Elegia Armor Pack

Crafting Ingredients Pack

Memory Fragment: Age of Splendor
Memory Fragment: Oath of Blood
Memory Fragment: The Kamael
Memory Fragment: Gracia
Memory Fragment: Awakening
Memory Fragment: Tauti
Memory Fragment: Lindvior



Memory and Secret Fragments can be exchanged for 10th Anniversary Items.

When exchanging them for 10th Anniversary Items, players will have a small chance to get Secret Fragment 1 or Secret Fragment 4. These are needed for getting the rewards for the Secret Fragment Event, which is part of the Carnival event.

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Collect the Secret Fragments!

Collect the 8 Secret Fragments in order to get the clue about the new world!

Once you collect all 8 Secret Fragments from the 3 types of events, you can get the Secret Fragment Event rewards from the 10th Anniversary Event window. Since it's very hard to get all Secret Fragments, the rewards are amazing!  Check out how you can get the fragments, and the rewards list below. 

Event Item How to Obtain
Secret Fragment 1 Memory Fragment Event
Secret Fragment 2 Squash Event
Secret Fragment 3 Master Yogi's 10th Anniversary Event
Secret Fragment 4 Fragments of the Past
Secret Fragment 5 Squash Event
Secret Fragment 6

Gamble with the Event NPC

10th Anniversary Blessing Buff

Secret Fragment 7 Master Yogi's 10th Anniversary Event
Secret Fragment 8 Squash Event

How to Get Secret Fragment 6

How to Obtain Description
Gamble with the 10th Anniversary Event NPC You can give 64 of the 10th Anniversary Items to one of 3 nostalgic Event NPCs for a chance to draw Secret Fragment 6.  If you don't get the fragment, you will get one of the 10th Anniversary Blessing reward items.
10th Anniversary Blessing Can be obtained through the 10th Anniversary Blessing, which is given by the 3 nostaglic event NPCs.

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Secret Fragment Event Rewards

Rewards (Get One Randomly)
Accessory Lindvior's Earring Weapon Dark Amaranthine Weapon Pack
Bloody Amaranthine Weapon Pack
Blessed Antharas' Earring
Blessed Valakas' Necklace Talisman Talisman - Lilith
Talisman - Anakim
Earth Wyrm Heart Ring
Ruler's Authority Misc

Bottle of Queen Ant's Soul

Bottle of Frintezza's Soul

Bottle of Orfen's Soul

Tauti's Ring
Lilith's Soul Necklace
Blessed Zaken's Earring
Beleth's Ring
Baium's Ring

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Check out the other 10th Anniversary Events!

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