Memorable Raid Bosses - Oct 31 to Nov 14, 2012


The mighty raid bosses and evil characters of yesteryear are back for revenge! During this event, level 92 version of the Queen Ant, Orfen, Anakim, and Lilith raid boss can be defeated near Elven Village in exchange for rewards.

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Event Duration

The Memorable Raid Boss event runs during the following dates:

October 31 to November 14: Main event period. Event NPC is present on server at the relevant times and gives the rewards items.

November 14: The server maintenance on this day removes the event NPC and monsters and the event ends.

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Event NPCs


Memorable Raid Leader: This NPC appears by the Gatekeeper in every major town when an event-related raid boss is spawned. He will teleport you to Elven Village so that you can participate in the battle.

Memorable Raid Vengeful Spirit: After an event-related raid boss is defeated, this NPC appears on that spot for 5 minutes to give out the Memorable Raid Chest reward to players. You do not have to have hit the raid boss in order to qualify for the reward, but you do need to be nearby so you can claim the reward before he disappears.

Memorable Raid Soul: This NPC appears in each town after the raid boss is defeated. He gives a special buff and also offers options to upgrade a Ring of Queen Ant or Earring of Orfen to Soul version if traded along with a Bottle of Queen Ant or Orfen’s Soul. The special buff is:

Memorable Raid Blessing: For 2 hours, increases P. Atk, P. Def., M. Def., Atk. Spd., Casting Spd., Max HP and Max MP by 5%, M. Atk. by 20%, and XP and SP gained from hunting by 30%. This buff overwrites the following buffs that your character may have already applied: Letter Collector’s Gift (8th Anniversary), Angel Cat’s Blessing (it’s the same buff effect), and the Art of Seduction (from Rose Spirit Companions).

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Event Process

  1. Log into Lineage II and play while waiting for the time when an event raid boss spawns.
  2. When an event raid boss spawns, speak to the Memorable Raid Leader NPC by the Gatekeeper in any town.
  3. He will teleport you to the Elven Village.
  4. Find the raid boss outside of Elven Village. Each of the four raid bosses involved in this event is level 92, so prepare for a challenging fight! While you're there you'll get a minor debuff that transforms your armor appearance into a lower grade for nostalgia.
  5. Defeat the raid boss.
  6. Once the raid boss is dead the Memorable Raid Vengeful Spirit NPC appears for 5 minutes to give you a reward bundle.
  7. Open the chest and enjoy your rewards!

Please note that the regular raid bosses (for example, the level 40 Queen Ant raid boss in Wastelands) are not related to the event and killing them will not earn event rewards.

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The raid bosses themselves don’t drop any loot, but after defeating a raid boss another NPC appears: Memorable Raid Ghost, whom you can speak to about rewards. The Ghost NPC is only there for 5 minutes, so be fast and collect your rewards quickly! Even players that didn’t participate in the killing of the raid boss can receive a reward from him.

You can receive one reward bundle per Lineage II game account every 20 hours.

The reward bundle includes 1 to 8 (at random) Memorable Raid Chest named after the raid boss you just defeated, and 10 transformation potions that let you transform into that raid boss.

Transformation Potions:

When used, a transformation bottle turns you into the applicable raid boss for 10 minutes and increases your speed. The transformations do not have any combat abilities or additional skills.

Memorable Raid Chest:

A Memorable Raid Chest is not tradable. Opening a Memorable Raid Chest gives you one reward item of the respective chest’s reward list.

Queen Ant




Kaliel’s Energy of Annihilation, Hellfire or Desire

Pendant of STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIT, MEN, Critical Rate, Critical Damage, P. Def., M. Def., Evasion, P. Atk., M. Atk., or Accuracy. Tradable.

Level 3 or 4 STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIT, or MEN Symbol – Giant, Ancient, or Legendary Dye. Tradable.

Blessed Scroll of Escape, or Transformation Scroll – Kechi, Gordon, Ranku, or Zaken. Tradable.

Queen Ant’s Ring, Queen Ant’s Soul Ring, or Bottle of Queen Ant’s Soul

Orfen’s Earring, Orfen’s Soul Earring, or Bottle of Orfen’s Soul

Transformation Sealbook: Anakim, or Transformation Scroll: Anakim

Lilith’s Soul Necklace

QueenAntSoulRing.jpg Queen Ant’s Soul Ring: Increases MP by 31, Poison and Bleed resistance and attacks by 20%, and P. Critical Damage by 15%.

OrfenSoulEarring.jpg  Orfen’s Soul Earring: Increases MP by 46, Sleep and Stun resistance and attacks by 20%, and received heal amount by 10%.

LilithSoulNecklace.jpg  Lilith’s Soul Necklace: Increases MP by 62, Mental and Paralysis resistance and attacks by 20%, and M. Critical Rate by 20.

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