Lara's S.O.S Event Is Here!


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March 18th, 2015 to April 1st, 2015

  • Main event period:  Lara and Mr. Boss spawn in town.
  • Lara gives out buffs to Lv. 85 and above characters.

On April 1st, 2015 the event concludes.

  • Lara’s Buff is removed and the following event related items are deleted:
  • Lara’s Gift
  • Lara’s Key Card
  • Lara’s Business Card (will be deleted the following maintenance, April 8th, 2015)

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Daily Buff and Gift:

  • Claim Lara’s Key Card (1 per Account, Character’s Lv. 85 and Above)
  • Claim Lara’s Buff and Lara’s Business Card (1 per Day, per Account)
  • Lara’s Buff will level once it expires, up to 3 times.
  • When Lara’s Buff Lv. 3 expires, you will receive 1 Lara’s Gift reward item.
  • Collect at least 12 of Lara’s Business Cards during the event period to qualify for Random Prize Drawing. 
  • Only 1 of Lara’s Business Cards can be earned each day, so you will need to login during the event at least 12 days.

Event items:

lara's-gift-icon.jpg Lara’s Gift A Gift from Lara, open for a random reward!
lara's-key-card.jpg Lara’s Key Card You need this to receive buffs from Lara.
lara's-business-card-lse.jpg Lara’s Business Card Collect 12 of these during the event to qualify for Random Prize Drawing.

Lara's Buff:

lara's-buff-icon.jpg Lara’s Buff Lv. 1 For 1 Hour, +30% XP/SP, P./M. Attack + 5%, Received Damage – 5%
lara's-buff-icon.jpg Lara’s Whimsical Buff Lv. 2 For 1 Hour, +30% XP/SP, P./M. Attack + 5%, Received Damage – 5%, +30 Attribute Defense
lara's-buff-icon.jpg Lara’s Delightful Buff Lv. 3 For 2 Hours, +30% XP/SP, P./M. Attack + 5%, Received Damage – 5%, +30 Defense Attribute, +50 Attack Attribute.  

Random Prize Drawing:

After the event concludes, players will be randomly selected from the list of accounts that collected 12 or more of Lara’s Business Cards. We'll be giving out an Amaranthine Weapon Box and a Scroll of Blessing (R99-Grade) to 2 people per server. Prizes will be distributed on Friday, April 3rd to winning accounts.

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Lara's Gift

Lara's Gift will give one of the following reward items:

Possible Rewards
Blessed Scroll of Escape (x2)
Blessed Scroll of Resurrection (Event)  (x1)
5000 Mysterious Soulshots (R-grade)-Event
3000 Mysterious Blessed Spiritshots (R-grade)-Event 
Giant's Energy (x1)
Rose Essence (x10)
Energy of Destruction 3-unit Pack (x1)
Mysterious Friend Summon Bracelet Pack (30-day) (x1)
Shiny Cube Fragment Armor - R (x1)
Shiny Cube Fragment Weapon - R (x1)
My Teleport Pack (x1)

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