The Hunt for Santa Begins!


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Santa has gone missing!  The whole holiday season is in jeopardy of being ruined forever if he is not found in time! Noelle has been left to finish making preparations for the busy holiday and needs some brave adventurers to help her locate Santa.



December 10th to January 7th:
Event NPC ‘Noelle’ will visit towns to spread holiday cheer and enlist your help.
January 7th:
Event NPC ‘Noelle’ departs for lands unknown and the following event-related items are deleted:
  • Noelle's Gift
  • Santa's Mark

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Form a party of 3 characters with difference races or 7 party members to receive three Fairy’s Blessing buffs from Event Manager Noelle. (Solo characters can still claim 1 Fairy’s Blessing buff.)

Each Fairy’s Blessing buff lasts for 2 hours and provides 1 Santa’s Mark event item upon the buff timers expiring. Characters must have inventory space available and must be alive for the Santa’s Mark item to be rewarded.


Stocking Fairy's Blessing Tree Fairy's Blessing Snowman Fairy's Blessing
STR+3, INT +3, Speed +7 CON+3, MEN+3,
P./M. Critical Rate +30
DEX+3, WIT+3,
Max HP/MP +2013
holiday1.jpg holiday2.jpg holiday3.jpg

Event NPC Noelle:


Noelle's Services:

Noelle offers event buffs and will also exchange Santa's Marks for event items.

Event Item Description
holiday_event1.jpg Santa's Suit - Equip to wear Santa’s Suit, replaces all armor slots.  Costs 6x Santa's Marks
holiday_event2.jpg Santa Hat - Equip to wear Santa’s hat. Uses 2 Accessory Slots.  Costs 6x Santa's Marks
holiday_event3.jpg Santa's Cloak - Equip to wear Santa’s Cloak.  Costs 6x Santa's Marks
holiday_event4.jpg Appearance Stone: Santa's Suit - Changes armor appearance into Santa Suit. For upper chest armor and one-piece only.  Costs 6x Santa's Marks
holiday_event5.jpg Appearance Stone: Santa's Hat - Changes 2-Slot hair accessory to Santa Hat appearance.  Costs 6x Santa's Marks
holiday_event6.jpg Noelle's Gift - Consume to activate vitality regeneration while in peace zones for 6-Hours. Restores a small amount of vitality when the buff expires.  Costs 3x Santa's Marks

Appearance Samples:

Santa's Suit Santa's Cloak Santa's Hat
holiday5.jpg holiday6.jpg holiday7.jpg

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