Fall Crafting Festival Has Begun!


The Fall Crafting Festival has returned! Fall has arrived and the Dwarves know no greater way of celebrating this time of year than by increasing the crafting of fine armaments for everyone! To celebrate the Fall Crafting Festival, the Dwarves have increased the success rate on normal R1, R2, R95, R99 recipes. They've also reduced the Augmentation removal fee and much more, but only for a limited time. Log in today and join in on the Fall Crafting Festival, going on from October 1st to October 15th.

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Crafting Event:

  • R-Grade Recipes (Requiem Weapons, Apocalypse Weapons, Immortal Armor, and Twilight Armor) have a success rate of 75%.
  • R95-Grade Recipes (Specter Weapons and Seraph Armor) and R99-Grade Recipes (Amaranthine Weapons and Eternal Armor) have a success rate of 70%.  
  • Crafting Fail will give 20% of the crystallization value of the item being crafted.

Bonus Settings:

  • Augmentation removal Fee = 0 Adena.

IMPORTANT: The recipe descriptions when crafting say 100% success rate, but this is a cosmetic bug. The information above reflects the actual rates to successfully craft an item.

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All server settings will run from October 1st to October 15th.

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The L2 Store has been updated with some new items available temporarily for the Crafting Festival!  Also being updated on the L2 Store on October 1st are the Exploration Packs, and these are permanent changes to the packs.  Check out the changes below!


Available October 1st - October 15th, 2014
gem_a.jpg Gemstone (A-Grade) x1000 - 400 NCoin.  Grants 5 Hero Coin.  Tradable.
craftpack1.jpg Crafting Ingredients Pack (x50) - 400 NCoin - Acquire 10 units of an ingredient needed for crafting items.  Grants 5 Hero Coin.  Tradable.
lifepack1.jpg Life Stone Pack (x10) - 200 NCoin - Contains various Life Stones.  Double-click to receive a Life Stone Instilled with Giants' Power, Top-Grade Life Stone (R-Grade), High-Grade Life Stone (R-Grade), Mid-Grade Life Stone (R-Grade), or Life Stone (R-Grade).  Grants 3 Hero Coin.  Not tradable
Discovery Pack

Discovery Pack - 400 NCoin - Awards 5 Hero Coin. Contains the following items:

  • XP Rune III 50% 7-Day Pack
  • Drop Rate Rune 50% Pack (7-day)
  • SP Rune 50% 7-Day Pack
  • Mysterious Healthy Juice (HP/CP) x4


Adventure Pack

Adventure Pack - 1,200 NCoin - Awards 17 Hero Coin. Contains the following items:

  • XP Rune III 50% 30-Day Pack
  • Drop Rate Rune 50% Pack (30-day)
  • SP Rune 50% Pack (30-day)
  • Mysterious Healthy Juice (HP/CP) x12


Destiny Pack

Destiny Pack - 3,600 NCoin - Awards 54 Hero Coin, a 20% bonus. Contains the following items:

  • XP Rune III 100% 30-Day Pack
  • Drop Rate Rune 100% Pack (30-day)
  • SP Rune 100% Pack (30-day)
  • Mysterious Healthy Juice (HP/CP) x36

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