Dance Cat Revolution Returns!


The Dancing Cats make their return to Aden!  These lovable cats love to dance and help out adventurers.  Read below for more details on when and where they'll be available!



November 12th to December 3rd, 2014:

The main event period.  Dancing Cat NPCs will be in towns to give buffs to parties with 3 or more different races.


December 3rd, 2014:

Dancing Cat NPCs take their show on the road and will no longer be in-game.



During the event, talk to a Dancing Cat in any town to get the Dancing Cat's Buff. In order to get the buff, players need to be in a party of 3 different races, or form a full party with 7 members. You will only receive the buff after the party leader has talked to a Dancing Cat NPC. The buff lasts for 1 hour, but it will disappear when you change main/dual/sub or die. 

If you don't meet the conditions for the buff, the buff button will not be activated.

  Skill Name Effect
DC10th_icon.jpg Dancing Cat's Steps Lv. 1 Reduces the skill cooldown times by 10% for 1 hour, and increases Max HP by 30%, Max MP by 30%, Max CP by 30%, P. Def. by 30%, M. Def. by 30%, Speed by 20, P. Atk. by 10%, M. Atk. by 20%, and MP consumption decreases by 15%.


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