8th Anniversary Celebration - Apr 25 to Jun 6, 2012

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8th Anniversary Pack


Who gets it? Everyone!

Visit the L2 Galleria, claim your free 8th Anniversary Pack (one per account), and send it to the Dimensional Merchant on the server of your choice. This pack is only available during the celebration period, from April 25 to June 6, 2012. Contents include:

  • 1 Pink Paper Mask Set: A permanent two-slot head accessory that gives your character the appearance of wearing a pink party hat and mask.
  • 1 Formal Wear 30-day Pack: Open this gift to adorn your character in classy formal wear for 30 days during the celebration period.
  • 1 Tame Princess Ant Mount 7-day Pack: The latest and most novel mount in the game is yours for 7 days. Try it out for free and buy a permanent version in the store at a later date.
  • 1 Vitality Maintaining Potion (30 min): Drink this tasty potion to keep your character from losing Vitality while you gain XP for 30 minutes.
  • 1 Scroll of Transformation - Pig: Turn your character into a happy cute pig with this fun transformation scroll.
  • 10 Echo Crystals - Theme of Birthday: Celebrate the anniversary with fitting music by enjoying these Echo Crystals.
  • 50 Gran Kain's Large Fireworks: Add to the celebratory mood by setting off these beautiful fireworks.

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8th Anniversary Support Pack


What a deal! Get the 8th Anniversary Support Pack from the L2 Galleria or L2 Store* and stock up on helpful buff and XP items to maximize your progress.

Join the 8th Anniversary Support Pack Sweepstakes!

Sweepstakes: Every eighth pack you purchase can earn you a bonus item as a reward! Or, if you purchase eight packs at once, you are guaranteed to get the reward! Visit the 8th Anniversary Support Pack Sweepstakes page to learn more.

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Welcome Back Pack

8th-anniv-tile-return-pack.jpg Have you been gone for a while? Come on back claim a special gift that will help you get back into the game with ease!

Requirements to get the Welcome Back Pack: You must have a Lineage II game account that has been logged into the game (into the game world) at least once before March 26, 2012. If you have one and have stopped playing and have not logged into the game world since before 10:00 PDT on March 26, 2012, you are eligible to receive the gift. To get the Welcome Back Pack, you must log into the game on this account anytime between 10:00 PDT on April 25 and 10:00 PDT on June 6, 2012.

Welcome Back Pack Contents:

  • 1 50% 7-day XP Rune: Boosts the amount of XP you earn by 50%.
  • 1 50% 7-day SP Rune: Boosts the amount of SP you earn by 50%.
  • 3 Heavenly Cocktails: For 60 minutes, your character receives the following Level 1 Iss Enchanter buffs: Horn Melody, Guitar Melody, Pipe Organ Melody, Lute Melody, Harp Melody, and Drum Melody.
  • 3 Vitality Recovering Potions (30 min): Recover Vitality points while you gain XP points through hunting.
  • 1 Player Commendation Points Pack (a total of 7,000 PC Points): Spend these points for fun items and useful buffs at the Adventurer Guildsman NPC in-game. Buy more points in the store! If you like these points, you can find more in the L2 Store. Learn more about the Player Commendation System here.
  • 1 Black Bear Mount 30-day Pack: Summon your grizzly bear mount to ride you across the landscape in style. This is the same Black Bear Mount 30-Day Pack that is available in the L2 Store, but you get yours for free!
  • 1 Color Title Pack: Customize the color of your character’s title, choosing from ten color options. Each Color Title is a one-time use item; changing your title color more than once requires additional Color Title items, which you can find in the L2 Store.


  • One Welcome Back Pack per returning game account only.
  • Accounts created since after March 26, 2012, are not eligible. Accounts that have logged into the game since after March 26, 2012, are not eligible.
  • When returning to the game 10:00 PDT on April 25 and 10:00 PDT on June 6, 2012 you must log into the game world on a character in order to be eligible for the Welcome Back Pack. Logging in to the server selection or character selection screens is not sufficient.
  • When logged into the game in order to be eligible for the Welcome Back Pack, there is no requirement on how long you must stay logged in, but of course we encourage you to look around and enjoy the 8th anniversary festivities!
  • The list of returning players is processed on a weekly basis. The timeframe for each weekly batch begins and ends at 10:00 PDT (see other time zones here) each Tuesday. Each batch of winners receive their bonus reward item on the following Wednesday.
    • Example: if you log into the game at 09:59 PDT on Tuesday, May 1, the Welcome Back Pack will be applied to your account the next day, Wednesday, May 2. If you become a winner at 10:01 PDT on Tuesday, May 1, the pack will be applied a week later, on Wednesday, May 9.

Once the Welcome Back Pack has been applied to your returning Lineage II game account on the applicable Wednesday, follow these instructions to claim your gift.

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Anniversary Letters Event

8th-anniv-tile-anniv-letters.jpg Celebrate Lineage II's 8th anniversary with the traditional Anniversary Letters Event!

Collect letters while you hunt, bring them to town and turn in the words LINEAGEII, NCSOFT, or HARMONY for great rewards! Every turn in is guaranteed to get you a Letter Collector's Gift item, and additional rewards range from common gemstones and potions to rare jewels and equipment scrolls.

See the event page for full details on the event dates, process, and rewards.

*Update* The deletion date of all remaining Letter Collector's Gift items has been moved from June 6 to June 20. Please be sure to use yours before this day.

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Celebration Event Series Stage 1: Bonus Settings

8th-anniv-tile-series-settings.jpg Enjoy two weeks, from April 25 to May 9, 2012, of special server settings to maximize your fun!

These settings are server wide and affect all characters, regardless of their level, class, or location.


  • No XP loss upon death
  • Free teleports from all conventional Gatekeepers in major towns
  • Seed of Annihilation: Battle in the Nursery instance reset time cut in half, from six hours to three hours.

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Anniversary Special #1: Subclass Change Certificate

8th-anniv-tile-special-subclass.jpg Change your subclass to a different class without losing your level progress!

The Subclass Change Certificate is available in the L2 Galleria and L2 Store for a limited time only, from April 25 to May 9, 2012.

Visit the Subclass Change Certificate page for more details.


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Path to Awakening Expansion

8th-anniv-tile-pta.jpg The helping hand of Truly Free now offers you more milestones and rewards in the Path to Awakening! The milestones for reaching level 80 and 85 have been added, with new tips and fitting rewards. To learn more about the Path to Awakening itself, check our guide.

Log in to your customized Path to Awakening to claim your rewards for these two new milestones. *

* The Path to Awakening changes will take place with the website maintenance of April 25, 2012.


  • If your character reached level 80 or level 85 before Goddess of Destruction launched on November 30, 2011, the level 80 and 85 rewards cannot be claimed. If you character passed those milestones after launch, however, you can claim the rewards retroactively even if you are well past level 80 or 85.

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8th-anniv-tile-code-mmorpg.jpg is doing a code giveaway, beginning April 27, 2012. Visit their site to claim your code and receive a free 7-day Phoenix Agathion with debuff removal skill. There's only a limited number of codes, so get yours before they're gone!

Coinciding with the code giveaway is another special event with this gracious host. hosted a special livestream interview at 14:00 PDT on April 27, 2012, with staff from the NCsoft West Lineage II team! In case you missed watching the interview live, it can also be found here.

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Happy 8th Anniversary, Lineage II!


Lineage II's 8th anniversary at NCsoft West is on Saturday, April 28, 2012!

For the occassion, NCsoft West staff will be logging in to the servers to chat with players, give buffs, and have fun.

On April 28, 2012, we will visit the servers for one hour each, roughly following this schedule:

Server Bartz Shilen Magmeld Naia Chronos
Time in PDT 11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00




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Celebration Event Series Stage 2: Vitality 300%

8th-anniv-tile-series-vitality.jpgSince Goddess of Destruction launched, anytime you have Vitality you get 200% (double) the amount of XP from hunting. Now, from May 9 to May 23, 2012, enjoy 300% (triple) XP bonus while you hunt!

This setting is server wide and affects all characters regardless of class or level, or location. Note that Vitality boosts base-XP gain only; this setting does not boost XP bonuses acquired from XP items such as Runes.

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Anniversary Special #2: XP Bottle Agathion

8th-anniv-tile-special-agathion.jpg This cute and handy Agathion makes monsters drop XP Bottles while you hunt on your main class of level 85 or higher. Take the XP Bottles to Raina in Talking Island Village and turn them in for XP for your Subclass or Dual Class. Get a 10 hour, 20 hour, or 30 hour XP Bottle Agathion today!

Note that this item can only be used by a character that is on a main class that is level 85 or higher. This item is available from May 9 to May 23, 2012. The 20 hour and 30 hour XP Bottle Agathions are only available in the in-game L2 Store; the 10 hour version is available in the L2 Store and the L2 Galleria.

Find the full details on the XP Bottle Agathion page of the L2 Galleria.

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NCoin Promotion

8th-anniv-tile-ncoin.jpg You already enjoy using the store, now get extra bonuses for it. Get rewards according to how much NCoin you purchase between the NCoin Promo date of May 9 to May 23, 2012!

Buy between 400 and 8,000 NCoin and receive the cute Bear Hat and Bear Claws combo accessories, a buff potion, a Nevit's Hourglass, a temporary boss jewel, or the permanent Antharas Agathion. If you buy 8,000 NCoin you'll get all five rewards guaranteed!

Check the NCoin Promotion details page to learn all about it.

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Massively Item Code Giveaway

8th-anniv-tile-code-massively.jpg is hosting an item giveaway beginning on May 11! Visit their website to receive your very own free 7-day Warrior’s Helmet with Vampiric Rage item skill.

There is only a limited number of codes, so be sure to get yours before they run out! Find instructions on how to apply the code and get your item here.


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May Store Update


The L2 Store and L2 Galleria have received another update with new items!

Explore new cosmetic accessories with skills or no expiration timer, the all-new R-grade Support Pack, Noblesse Blessing Scrolls, and the Tame Princess Ant Mount.

Learn about all the new items on the May Store Update: New Item Details page.

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Exploration Pack Redesign

8th-anniv-tile-exp-pack.jpg The Discovery Pack, Adventure Pack, and Destiny Pack have been redesigned from top to bottom to focus on Vitality and XP items useful to players of all levels!

New bonus items have been assigned to each of the packs as well, so explore the revamp and have fun as you power your character to their destiny!

Check out the redesign now!

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Celebration Event Series Stage 3: Nevit's Herald

8th-anniv-tile-series-nevits.jpg The Nevit’s Herald NPC, who normally appears on servers upon the death of Antharas, is being summoned for the special occasion of the 8th Anniversary Celebration. The NPC will be in all major towns from May 23 to June 6, 2012, to offer characters a new Fall of the Dragon buff: for 1 hour, your XP gain is doubled.

Please note that the Fall of the Dragon buff stacks with all XP items except for the Nevit’s Hourglass effect, which is overwritten if used at the same time.

You can get the Fall of the Dragon buff anytime as long as you don't already have it. This means that as soon as it wears off you can get the buff again!

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Anniversary Special #3: Stone of Destiny


The Stone of Destiny allows a non-Awakened character (or non-Awakened Dual Class) to evolve into the Awakening class of their choice at level 85, instead of naturally evolving into only one destined class.

For three weeks*, the Stone of Destiny is available in the L2 Store and L2 Galleria. Before purchasing and using, be sure to read the full items details in order to understand how it works.

* The availability end-date has been changed from June 6 to June 13, 2012.

Read about the Stone of Destiny, who can use it, and how it works here!

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Account Services

8th-anniv-tile-account-services.jpg You've asked for it, you got it! Three account services have returned for your enjoyment. You can now purchase a character Name Change, Gender Change, or Class Re-Awakening Service from the L2 Store or L2 Galleria. Check out the detail pages for each service to learn more and partake!

The account services are here to stay, and additional services will become available in the future.

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MMObomb Item Code Giveaway

8th-anniv-tile-code-mmobomb.jpg is helping up celebrate Lineage II’s 8th anniversary by giving away free codes for your own Ruthless Tribe Mask, starting on May 25! Sign-up at their website and you can claim a serial code for one Ruthless Tribe Mask one-slot head accessory which can be used for a 7-day limited period. The item comes with a special skill: Agility, which increases Evasion rate by 4 for 1 hour and can be reused every 24 hours.

There's only a limited number of codes, so get yours from before they run out!

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Discuss the 8th Anniversary Celebration on the official Lineage II forums.

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