• Dance Cat Revolution

    Dance Cat Revolution

    Dance Cat Revolution!   Dancing Cats are in town!  They're here to keep the anniversary hopping because the party isn’t over until they say it is! So group up with friends and get a powerful buff to celebrate 10... Read >

  • Carnival of Aden

    Carnival of Aden

    Carnival of Aden   Welcome one and all!  The Lineage II 10th Anniversary events have begun!  Enjoy the Carnival of Aden and all it has to offer. Participate in a wide variety of events to collect Memory Fragments and... Read >

  • Search for 10th Anniversary Items

    Search for 10th Anniversary Items

    Memory Fragment Rewards | Secret Fragments | Secret Fragment Rewards Search for 10th Anniversary Items!   Hunt monsters around your level to get event items! The monsters in Aden will drop a special 10th Anniversary Item during the event.... Read >

  • 10th Anniversary Blessing Buff

    10th Anniversary Blessing Buff

    Event Process   The 10th Annivesrary Blessing increases in level every hour. During the event, level 85 or higher characters can get the 10th Anniversary Blessing buff from one of the event NPCs: Chaotic Chronicle, Chaotic Throne, or Goddess of... Read >

  • Master Yogi's 10th Anniversary Event

    Master Yogi's 10th Anniversary Event

      Buy the Staff and Scrolls needed for the event from the Goddess of Destruction NPC. Go to the Goddess of Destruction (available in each of the village event zones) and buy +4 Master Yogi's Staff and Master Yogi's Scroll: Enchant... Read >

  • 10th Anniversary Celebration with the Lineage II Team

    10th Anniversary Celebration with the Lineage II Team

    Come celebrate our 10th Anniversary with the Lineage II Team. We will be logging in to the servers to chat with players, give buffs, and have fun. To participate in the festivities, check your server’s scheduled celebration time and... Read >

  • Dandy's Dragon Weapons

    Dandy's Dragon Weapons

    Borrowed Weapons | Dandy's Scroll: Release Seal | Genuine Dragon Weapons   He may be small, but he's determined!  Visit Dandy to borrow some powerful Dragon Weapons during the Anniversary celebrations!   Event Duration April 23rd, 2014 to May... Read >

  • Squash Event

    Squash Event

      Event Process Buy the Squash Seed and Large Squash Seeds needed for the event from the Chaotic Throne NPC. Go to the Chaotic Throne in each of the village's event zones and buy Squash Seeds or Large Squash Seeds... Read >

  • Frederick the Destroyer

    Frederick the Destroyer

    Raid Schedule | Victory | Event Rewards A New Foe Appears!   Frederick the Destroyer will appear at certain times during the event! Every weekend during the event, participate in the raid against Frederick the Destroyer near the Elf... Read >

  • Master Yogi Returns!

    Master Yogi Returns!

    Event Duration | Event Process | Enchantment Rewards Master Yogi, the legendary master of enchantment has returned after a long absence. It's said that he found a way to enchant a mysterious staff made out of a branch of the... Read >