• Dance Cat Returns 2015

    Dance Cat Returns 2015

    Dancing Cats are back in town!  Group up with friends and get a powerful buff from our beloved cats. Keep the party going!   Event Period July 29th to August 5th, 2015 From July 29 to August 5, Dancing... Read >

  • 300% Vitality Boost Event Returns

    300% Vitality Boost Event Returns

    Push your character to the max with an increased vitality XP boost of 300% from July 29th to August 5th. Make the push to achieve your next level or level up that other alt you've been debating about.   Event... Read >

  • Watermelon Smash Event

    Watermelon Smash Event

    Cool down this summer with watermelons... smashing watermelons! From June 24 to July 15, collect Nectars dropped by monsters and exchange them with Puss the Cat for Watermelon Seeds and Chronos Weapons! Event Period From June 24 to July... Read >

  • 11th Anniversary Group Raid Event

    11th Anniversary Group Raid Event

    Event Duration | Event Process | Rewards May 13th to May 27th, 2015 The Eleveny Group Raid event begins on May 13th. The boss will spawn everyday at 11am and 11pm (Server Time). Return to Top   During the... Read >

  • 11th Anniversary Celebration

    11th Anniversary Celebration

    Schedule of Events | Server Settings | Events | Summon Piero | Rewards Another year has passed, and it's time for our anniversary celebrations once more!   With the release of Infinite Odyssey today, we have some of our 11th... Read >

  • 11th Anniversary Celebration with the Lineage II Team

    11th Anniversary Celebration with the Lineage II Team

    Take a break from your Infinite Odyssey and come celebrate our 11th Anniversary with the Lineage II Team! Team members will be on hand to chat with players, provide buffs, and have a good time. Check your server’s scheduled... Read >

  • Lara's S.O.S Event Is Here!

    Lara's S.O.S Event Is Here!

    Event Duration | Event Process | Rewards   March 18th, 2015 to April 1st, 2015 Main event period:  Lara and Mr. Boss spawn in town. Lara gives out buffs to Lv. 85 and above characters. On April 1st, 2015... Read >

  • Power of Love Returns!

    Power of Love Returns!

    Event Duration | Event Process The Power of Love is back and is spreading through Aden! Every year on Valentine’s Day, the citizens of Aden give cakes to their significant others to express their love. However, the bakery that... Read >

  • Birth of Draco: Part III

    Birth of Draco: Part III

    Duration | Process | Rewards The event duration dates are as follows: January 14th to January 28th: Main event period. Event items drop from monsters. January 28th to February 4th: Event items no longer drop. Event NPC remains in-game. February 4th: The event NPC leaves the... Read >

  • Holidays in Aden

    Holidays in Aden

    Season's Greetings, adventurers!  Santa has delivered some great holiday cheer to Aden by helping us apply some server settings!  From extra rewards from Nightmare Kamaloka to Revelation Skill reset fee reductions, read up on the changes below!  These changes... Read >